17 Best Travel Toiletry Bags 2022

cosmetic toiletry bags


The value of having a functional (and aesthetically pleasing) toiletry bag is immeasurable—and yet, it’s not always an easy feat to find the right one. If you ask us, a good kit should have room for everything, including minis of your favorite hair and makeup products and potentially more oversized items like your makeup tools and brushes. A major plus is a pouch equipped with several compartments (if they’re removable, even better) or different sections to help you organize your goods and enough room to fit a seven-step skin routine. Yes, it’s quite a big ask, but they do exist, and once you find the right bag, it’ll be one less thing to worry about on your next vacation.

Ahead are some of our personal favorites, plus the best toiletry bags we scoured online (so you don’t have to).

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Best Multipurpose

XL Train Case

This fancy leather pouch is the multipurpose piece your travel luggage has been missing. Not only can it be used for makeup but also to store accessories and other trinkets you may travel with. You can even purchase the strap separately to wear outside.


Best Mess-Proof

Cosmetic Carry Case (Small)

The neoprene fabric makes this cosmetics case mess-proof, so any makeup mishaps or skincare serum spills won’t ruin your precious bag no matter how big the mess.


Best for Stacking

3D Zip Set

  • Flattens for easy mobility
  • Not thick enough for heavier bottles

Featuring three pouches that are flat enough to stack in your luggage, this set is large enough to fit products for each step of your beauty routine and has a loop on the side for hanging in your hotel bathroom.


Best for Splash Resistance

Dagne Dover Hunter Water Resistant Toiletry Bag

  • Not big enough for large bottles

This pouch is designed to weather any amount of water you splash during your skincare routine and won’t lose its shape no matter how much you stuff and tuck inside.


Best for Countertop Decor

The Beauty Bag

  • Several compartments for organization
  • Can feel tight if packing plenty of bottles

You already have all the Glossier products displayed on your vanity. Take your devotion to the brand up a notch by investing in its amply-sized makeup bag.


Best for Sectioning

The ReNew Catch-All Case – Black

  • Features small compartments for jewelry
  • May not fit all toiletries

Everlane’s case is designed with five pockets to help you organize everything from skincare to jewelry without ever mixing anything up.


Best for Hanging

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

  • Helps create more vanity space
  • Plastic can wear down after awhile

This fold-up toiletry organizer is made for the trendy traveler who is also practical at heart. It’s totally waterproof and leakproof, machine washable, extra-large-sized, and comes with a lot of built-in pockets and zippers to keep things organized.


Best for Saving Space

The Large Toiletry Bag

  • Middle compartment for smaller items

Away’s travel kit is deceivingly compact looking. Thanks to its impeccable organizing compartments, there’s ample space to separate your makeup from your brushes for a fuss- and clutter-free trip.


Best For The Indecisive Packer

Hanging Toiletry Bag

  • Several compartments and pockets

You can’t decide which beauty products to bring with you, so you bring them ALL. If that sounds familiar, you need to get yourself this top-rated Amazon pick. It hangs and expands to accommodate all your neurotic “just-in-case” tendencies.


Best for Heavy Duty MUA

Pack It All Organizer

  • Comes with a lot of compartments for tools
  • Not large enough to hold all products

For the professional MUA or beauty enthusiast with a large lineup of products, upgrade your kit with Sephora Collection’s functional organizer that has enough compartments to fit brushes, bottles, and everything in between.


Best Built-In Mirror

Beis The Cosmetics Case in Black at Nordstrom

  • Comes with mirror and removable insert

The best part about this travel case is the built-in mirror because, sometimes, hotel mirrors can be quite deceiving. Plus, it’s designed with multiple compartments to keep all your routines—skincare, makeup, and body—separated.


Best Designer Case

Cosmetic Pouch

  • Doubles as a small cosmetics bag or clutch

Nothing says luxury like packaging your makeup essentials in a Louis Vuitton pouch. Traveling in style, amirite?


Best for Easy Access

Large Toiletry Bag

  • Allows you to see every product

Cut your prep time with a clear toiletry bag that allows you to see how deep down your brown lip liner fell. It’s double-tiered so to give you plenty of space for lipsticks, eyeshadows, and larger foundation bottles and compacts.


Best for Tossing Around

TRNK Vanity Case

Never worry again about cracking your expensive glass perfume bottle—this heavy-duty case is made to withstand being tossed around. It’s super roomy and versatile: you can wear it crossbody to hold your beloved beauty products close (why not?), or use the elastic in the back of the case to slide perfectly over the handle of your carry-on suitcase.


Best for a Touch of Luxury

Leather Travel Case Set

As a brand, Cuyana is known for its luxe-feeling, yet still super functional, leather goods—and this travel case set definitely delivers on both fronts. If nothing makes you feel like you’ve got your shit together more than whipping out a matching set of classic leather travel bags, then this one is for you. Go ahead, get it monogrammed if you’re feeling extra fancy.


Best for Small Toiletries

Marais Noir Louise Travel Case

  • Comes with zipper inside for small items

This chic train-like travel case is sumptuously velvet on the outside, and practically waterproof on the inside. It also comes with built-in organization: elasticized holders for your makeup brushes and pockets on either side for other odds and ends, like tweezers or small toiletries.


Best for Lots of Products

Makeup Organizer Bag Set – Black/Stripe

  • Comes with several pouches for organization

Smaller bags within one larger, carry-all is always a smart way to keep things organized yet together. This four-piece set from Sonia Kashuk comes with everything you could possibly need, whether you’re headed away for a weekend or two weeks. Toss your makeup brushes into the pencil case, your larger products into the square-zip pouch, your smallest items into the round-top bag, and all three bags into the transparent tote for easy access.

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15 Best Hair Dryer Brushes for Salon-Worthy Blowouts at Home

Who should be using a blow dryer brush?

“Using a Blow dryer brush benefits every hair type and texture,” says Brager. “I prefer a blowout brush that has a mixture of bristles. These bristles help you get close to the scalp to stretch and smooth the hair at the root for the ultimate smooth and shiny at home blowout experience.”

Can all hair types use a blow dryer brush?

“Yes, all hair types can use a blow dryer brush! They are so universal. I find that woman with fine hair love using a blowout brush because they can easily achieve major body and volume. Whereas women with thick or curly hair like it because it gives them a very smooth, sleek style quickly without the use of multiple tools,” says Brager.

What kind of hairstyles can you achieve with a blow dryer brush?

“You can perfect a handful of great hairstyles using a blowout brush, it depends on the length of your hair and the amount of layers you have,” says Brager. “I love it for a classic ’90s blow out. This is a dream machine for curtain bangs! For short hair, it’s key for that middle part, super sleek early 2000s little bend or flip, in or out at the ends. For longer hair, I like putting a couple twists in the middle of my sections for a loose wave moment.”

Do you have any tips or tricks to make it easier for people to use blow dryer brushes?

“Using a thermal protector or hair serum is always a good idea, it helps the brittles slide right through,” says Brager. “I think the easiest way for a beginner to use a blowout brush is to section the hair in medium sections staring from the bottom and working your way up.”

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Are Temporary Tattoos Coming Back? – Best Temporary Tattoos for Adults

I love tattoos, much to my father’s dismay. I think they’re really cool. Some people say it’s too daunting to decide if they like something enough to wear on their skin forever, and I get that. It makes sense. But that’s not my problem. My struggle is more so that there are so many I’d like to try. Am I a fine line type of gal? Or would new school pieces suit me better? Can I get a mermaid pin-up? Or does that make me a bad feminist? I find myself wishing I could test out styles, designs, and placements without having to make a permanent decision. It’s less about being indecisive and more about being curious.

If only there were a way to use tattoos the way we use jewelry or makeup, a way for tattoos to be just another accessory to play around with.

Oh, wait. There is. Temporary tattoos, people! Why are they given to kids but not adults? The logic there makes very little sense. I propose that temporary tattoos should be “the next big thing.”

woman with an ephemeral tattoo

Courtesy of Ephemeral Tattoo

Let’s start with the basics by addressing the different types of temporary tattoos. On the first tier, there are the classic temporary tattoos you’re probably familiar with from childhood—the kind that your best friend’s mom applied to your forearm with a wet paper towel. (Hello Kitty tramp stamp, anyone? No, just me? Cool.) The middle tier is where we start to edge into semi-permanence. Think henna, but also Inkbox. If you haven’t heard of it, Inkbox is an online store where you can choose from thousands of temporary tattoos that last from four to six weeks. (You can also upload your own design if you want something custom.) These are a great middle ground if you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive way to try a tattoo on for size without committing to it. Not too long ago, that was as close to a real tattoo as you could get—but not anymore.

Ephemeral Tattoo is a real tattoo studio, with real tattoo artists, and real tattoo guns, giving real tattoos. Except, these tattoos are “made to fade” after nine to 15 months. Yes, you read that right. It’s just like getting a regular tattoo, except the bio-compatible ink is engineered to break down naturally and dissolve over time. Why didn’t anyone think of this brilliant idea sooner, you ask? Beats me.

(As of now, you can find Ephemeral studios in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Atlanta, but they pretty much open wherever there’s demand. So if you’re interested in bringing it to your city, it’s as easy as putting down a deposit. Ephemeral designs start at $195 and include tip.)

woman with an ephemeral tattoo

Courtesy of Ephemeral Tattoo

“The thing about Ephemeral is that it allows anybody to have the experience of a tattoo, whereas in the past there was a lot of either personal restrictions,” says Kate Messinger, head of content at Ephemeral, citing that people often can’t decide what they want or are hesitant to ink themselves for life. “Or sometimes it’s your family or your religion that keep you from getting a tattoo,” she continues. But with Ephemeral, the old rules don’t apply, and that takes the pressure off.

“People really like this idea of no regrets,” Messinger says. “Our tagline is ‘Regret nothing.’ You have that freedom to really do whatever the fuck you want. I think people like that. You don’t have to make a big decision that’s going to affect you for the rest of your life, it’s just something you can have fun with.”

Whether you’re using it as a test drive before sitting for that 6-hour back piece, or you’re someone who would never even consider a permanent tatt, temporary ones (of any degree) provide a whole realm of possibilities.

In this age of TikTok aesthetics, ✨vibes✨, and trends that change faster than anyone can keep up with, it only makes sense to dip into this pool of self-expression. If I want to channel Angelina Jolie in her Billy Bob Thornton era today, but I’m more into Hailey Bieber’s dainty hand tatts tomorrow, who says I can’t have it all? Picking an ink based on my outfit du jour? Yes, please.

ephemeral tattoo

Courtesy of Ephemeral Tattoo

“It’s a great way to play into a trend,” Messinger confirms, meaning all of the Y2K faves are cool again—including that Hello Kitty tramp stamp. “There are so many things that are already trending in the zeitgeist that people translate to tattoos, like angel numbers. Especially because our tattoos last about a year or so, people use our tattoos as a way to have a mantra for the year…After it fades, you could get something totally different.” So if your focus for 2022 is self-love, you could get a reminder of that and still switch it up when a new affirmation comes along. Or, if you want your boyfriend’s name on your ribs just until you upgrade, you can do that, too.

Whatever you go for, it’s mandatory to snap tons of pictures. The ink will fade, but selfies are forever. Below, find some of my favorite temporary tattoos available to shop right now. Look at you go, trendsetter.

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Kendall Jenner Shares Bikini and Devin Booker Photos From Hawaii Trip

Like any seasoned influencer, Kendall Jenner has been exhaustively documenting her Hawaii vacation. And like any Kardashian-Jenner, the model has simultaneously sparked her own dating rumor buzz—perhaps to take a little attention away from older sister Khloé Kardashian, following her and her ex Tristan Thompson’s surprise second baby news.

In a carousel of vacation photos and videos she posted yesterday, Jenner shared a clip of her stepping out of the ocean with her maybe-ex-boyfriend Devin Booker following behind her, Page Six pointed out. This isn’t the first time the former couple has been spotted hanging out since news of their breakup broke last month. The two were also seen together at Malibu’s Soho house and at a Hamptons liquor store.

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kendall jenner and devin booker in hawaii


Jenner also shared multiple bikini selfies, including one of her in a pink floral two-piece and another of her in a classic black one.

kendall jenner in her hawaii bikinis


kendall jenner in her hawaii bikinis


There’s a real chance Booker and Jenner could properly reconcile if they haven’t already. When news broke of their breakup, sources told multiple outlets that it may not be a permanent split.

A source told E! that in June, Jenner told Booker she “wanted space and time apart. They have been in touch since and do care about one another.” That source added that the two do want to get back together: “They both hope to make it work, but as of now, they are split.”

A source additionally told Us Weekly at the time that Jenner and Booker want to “figure out if a future together is what’s meant to be. [They’re] tak[ing] this time to focus on themselves.”

“Kourtney’s wedding really put things into perspective,” the source added. The former couple attended the ceremony together in one of their most public dates ever. During their break, Jenner and Booker remain on good terms, clearly, and are “still super amicable and supportive of each other.”

Page Six‘s source said on June 24 that the two were technically on a break. “While they care for each other, Devin was not going to propose marriage, and his priority is his career,” the insider said. “Kendall’s career also dominates her life. After two years they had the ‘Where is this going?’ talk. And since they were not moving forward, it was time to take a break, probably permanently.”

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‘Madame Web’ Movie Release Date, News, Cast and Spoilers

Dakota Johnson is entering her superhero era. After starring in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s awards contender The Lost Daughter, she appeared in two Sundance films in January and is set to lead Netflix’s adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, set to premiere July 15. The latest addition to her list of projects? A buzzy Spider-Man spinoff: In February, reports broke that Johnson was in talks to star as the titular role in Sony’s Madame Web. Insiders told Variety at the time the deal was not yet final, but now that Johnson’s role is assured, more details on the project are bubbling to the surface. Here’s what we know so far.

First, who is Madame Web?

The character was first introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man comics in the ’80s and is “a clairvoyant mutant who specializes in predicting the future of Spider-themed superheroes, having mentored not only Peter Parker’s alter ego, but also multiple generations of heroes calling themselves Spider-Woman,” per The Hollywood Reporter. Also known as Cassandra Webb, she’s portrayed on the page as a blind and paralyzed elderly woman aided by a web-like life support machine. We’ll see if or how the screen adaptation will reinterpret the character.

Deadline reported in March: “Insiders say due to her psychic sensory powers, she is essentially Sony’s version of Doctor Strange.”

In a June interview with Entertainment Tonight, Johnson was cagey on how Sony might reinterpret the character. “I can tell you pretty much nothing that isn’t already on the internet,” she said. “I’m so excited. It’s pretty cool to be in the Marvel world, especially with a character that’s not so known. So, there’s a lot of space for us to make her very cool.”

She later added, “It’s always been a dream of mine to do some kind of, like, massive action movie. I always wanted to do, like, a female Indiana Jones…I really have, always.”

Who else is in the cast?

In March, Deadline reported an exciting addition: Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney is joining Johnson in an as-yet-undisclosed role. Keeping details under wraps, she later teased, “I’m really excited to start that ride with everyone, and for you to meet my character!”

sydney sweeney

Sydney Sweeney

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Emma Roberts (American Horror Story), Adam Scott (Severance), Tahar Rahim (The Serpent), Isabela Merced (Father of the Bride), and Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Afterlife) are also in the cast in undisclosed roles, according to Deadline.

The film will be helmed by S.J. Clarkson, who has directed Marvel TV projects like The Defenders and Jessica Jones, and written by Morbius screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless.

When will it be released?

It’s still too early to say, given the cast is still being announced. However, speculation about a Madame Web film first began in 2020 when Clarkson’s directing gig went public. This would be Sony’s first Marvel superhero movie with a female lead, as Variety pointed out. The studio’s other Marvel titles include Venom, starring Tom Hardy; Morbius, starring Jared Leto; and of course three Spider-Men: Tobey Maguire in the initial Spider-Man films, Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man films, and Tom Holland in the direct Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-in films.

This post will be updated.

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 – The Best Designer Deals to Shop

street style day 3 copenhagen fashion week springsummer 2021

StreetstyleshootersGetty Images

Get your credit cards ready: The 2022 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is here. After weeks of waiting, the retailer has opened up access to the public. With markdowns on the prices of almost everything it has to offer, it’s time to brace yourselves (and prepare your wallet) for a healthy fashion haul.

Nordstrom’s gigantic shopping event may have started for some lucky Nordstrom cardmembers on July 9. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still add some of the best items to your shopping cart—or, at the very least, make your list of what to add to the cart next time payday rolls around. And if I’m being honest, everything is really good. And with its virtually endless stock of the best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale fashion deals that are equally stylish pieces from luxury designers like By Far, the Row, and Versace, to name a few.

No doubt, the sale’s offering is teeming with good deals, making it tough to sift through page after page of options. So, we curated the best designer deals from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (along with some must-have sale items you can shop now) all in one place. Check them out below, and when you’re ready for more, head to Nordstrom to see everything else you can get from the Anniversary Sale before it ends on July 31.

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Banana Cross Stitch One-Piece Swimsuit

$175 $157 (10% off)

Celebrate being out of the office accordingly with this banana and plaid one-piece swimsuit courtesy of FARM Rio.

Phoenix Wedge Heel Bootie

$550 $359 (34% off)

A boot that can transcend each season? Yes, please!

$295 $189 (36% off)

Vince’s slip dress is perfect for warm offices, breezy summer nights, or the early days of fall. Choose your own adventure.

$430 $258 (40% off)

Nothing says summer quite like a pair of luxe sunglasses, right?

Djembe Cotton Crochet Tank

$650 $260 (60% off)

Summertime dressing has suddenly never been so easy.

Alighieri Initial Pendant Necklace in Gold-P at Nordstrom

$260 $104 (60% off)

An initial necklace is the quickest (and most chic) way to make accessorizing personal. Up your bauble game and layer this style with your other favorite necklaces.

Le High Waist Flare Jeans

$238 $149 (37% off)

From celebrities to influencers, FRAME’s admirer list goes on and on for its vintage yet modern denim. Case in point? This flared pair of jeans.

Hathi Faux Leather Blazer

$995 $664.99 (33% off)

This blazer is oh so good, but they’re even better with the matching pants.

$230 $138 (40% off)

These earrings are the perfect way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

$388 $269.99 (30% off)

Trust me on this one: Cult Gaia shoes are a must in anyone’s wardrobe.

Domicella Cap Sleeve Cashmere & Silk Blend Top

$990 $495 (50% off)

Wear this to your office with a pair of trousers, or sport it with jeans for a cool and polished weekend ensemble.

Mini Rachel Leather Shoulder Bag

$396 $237.60 (40% off)

The ’90s trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so you might as well get a mini shoulder bag to sport all summer.

Jessie Cotton Shirt Jacket

$525 $339.99 (35% off

A jacket that can be used for chillier summer nights and even cooler fall evenings is always an instant add-to-cart in my book.

Mini Hortensia Leather Bag

$840 $504 (40% off)

A must-have bag for over $330 off? Yes, please.

Rock Candy Set of 2 Bangles Set

$695 $459.99 (64% off)

These are great for a wedding…or any other occasion you can possibly think of.

Isabella Silk Camisole Top

$325 $217.99 (33% off)

A silk camisole is something you should always have in your wardrobe. Period.

Safety Pin Crop Wool Cardigan

$1,275 $756 (40% off)

Everything about this cardigan is good: the color, the safety pins, the crop.

$680 $272 (60% off)

Say hello to your new summer slides.

Olive Green Cotton Shirtdress

$795 $447 (40% off)

I can already think of a handful of ways you’ll be able to wear this classic shirtdress.

Swing Leather Shoulder Bag

$695 $451 (35% off)

You know it’s a good day when Mansur Gavriel’s signature shoulder bag is on sale, and for 40 percent off, at that.

Fresh Peach Denim Shirt Jacket

Stella McCartney

$825 $247 (70% off)

Classic layering pieces like this are always a good option (but even more so when they’re on sale for this much of a discount).

Savannah Sleeveless Maxi Dress


$488 $325.99 (33% off)

No need to stress over your next summer wedding look—you have it right here.

For Rainy Days Sponge Sole Chelsea Rain Boot


$570 $285 (50% off)

No one does cool quite like Off-White, and these boots are no exception.

Marc Jacobs

$325 $214.99 (34% off)

In case you needed a new purse, this classic crossbody bag is perfect to carry every single day.

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11 Rain Boots for Women 2022

best rain boots for women


A little rain never hurt anyone, right? That might be the case until a torrential downpour is slated in the forecast, and you’ve found yourself stepping into a deeper-than-expected puddle. Never fear; that’s what rain boots are for. A pair of classic wellies might seem like overkill when you aren’t living in London, the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere else that might have a higher chance of rain (or potholes). But in my humble opinion, one can never be too prepared for any type of weather. And when you’re properly equipped with a style that’s as cute as it is practical, well, you have no reason not to have a pair in your arsenal.

As you prep your fall wardrobe and swap out warm-weather staples like crochet clothing and coastal grandmother must-haves for cozier options (hello, knitwear and ankle boots!), be sure not to overlook classic rain boots. And I’m not only talking about Wellington-style options, either. Yes, brands like Hunter continue to reign with their signature styles. But these days, there are plenty of rain boot styles for women, whether it’s an ankle rain boot, a lace-up rain boot, or a Chelsea rain boot. To prove my point, I’ve found a handful of options for any sartorial aesthetic. Ahead, the 11 best rain boots for women to sport once the rainfall comes pouring in.

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Best Overall Rain Boot

Original Tall Rain Boot

  • Timeless Wellington style
  • Tall, knee-high shaft
  • Soft polyester lining

Let’s be honest: Nothing gets more classic than a pair of classic Hunter wellies, and with the taller height, these are perfect for stomping through puddles, a muddy music festival (Glastonbury, we see you), and everything in between. Plus, when the temperatures dip down, you can opt for an added fleece liner.

Best Designer Rain Boot

Rubber-Trimmed Leather Chelsea Boots

  • Premium leather
  • Tough lug sole for traction

For a more luxe approach, these classic leather boots from Loewe are just what you need to wade through waters. They’ll be just as good on the drier days as they are in the stormy ones. And with the lug sole, these will have you ready for any type of fall weather.

Best Rain Bootie

Women’s Brex Boot Chelsea

  • Seam-sealed waterproof construction
  • EVA midsole for comfort

Maybe you want a sportier option to stomp around in this season. In which case, reach for the Brex Boot from Sorel. With the ankle-high shaft and flexible Chelsea panel, these are the boots you can simply throw on as you head out the door. And thanks to its incredible traction, puddle-driven slips will be a thing of the past.

Best Lug Sole Rain Boot

Women’s Horsebit Ankle Boots

  • Lug sole with heel
  • High-gloss rubber
  • Easy pull-on style

Perhaps you seek a rain boot with a heel. Sure, heels don’t seem like the go-to option for rainy days, but when they have a solid lug sole and block silhouette like these, you can take your looks to the next level while avoiding the aftermath of a rainstorm.

Best Duck Boot

The Authentic Duck Boot

  • Classic, rugged style
  • Steel shank for extra support
  • Rubber chain-tread bottom

If you’re going to go for a duck boot, why not go with a classic? The L.L. Bean Duck Boot—which has been a staple for the brand since 1912—is a bestseller for a reason. It’s made with full-grain leather that’ll get you through any sort of weather and features a rubber bottom, so there’s no worry about wet feet.

Best Under-$100 Rain Boot

The Lace-Up Lugsole Rain Boot

  • Tough, flexible rubber
  • Easy slip-on style
  • Affordable
  • Not the highest quality construction

Shallow puddles and muddy curbs have nothing on you with these. This lace-up Madewell style takes on the look of a sneaker boot, and they feel like one, too. One reviewer said, “This is the most comfortable boot I own. I have been wearing it every rainy day…”

Best Rain Boot with Shearling

Florrie Shearling-Trimmed Glossed-Rubber Rain Boots

  • Great for colder weather
  • High-gloss rubber
  • Lug soles

Any amount of shearling will always be a good idea. These glossy boots are not only cozy but also incredibly chic. I think they’ll be perfect choice for your fall ensembles.

Best Pull-On Rain Boot

Rubber Chelsea Boots

  • Made from recycled rubber
  • Pull tabs and flexible elastic panels
  • Chunky lug sole

Fashion lovers have long favored Ganni’s combat-style boots—and that includes its Rubber Chelsea Boots. Whether you wear them with a printed dress, cropped trousers, or a midi skirt, you won’t go wrong with these edgy rain boots.

Best Chelsea Rain Boot

The Rain Boot

  • Affordable
  • Slip-resistant tread
  • Roomy enough for thick socks
  • Runs large if you wear them with regular socks

A simple Chelsea rain boot is a must-have for anyone. Versatile and stylish, Everlane’s under-$90 iteration of the look is easy to slip on and off at the door and easy to clean. What more could you need?

Best Insulated Rain Boot

Classic Mini Waterproof Clear Boot

  • Ultra-warm shearling-like lining
  • Great for cold weather
  • True to size

Honestly speaking, rainy days are the best time to pull out some color. I mean, dreary days can only get better when boots as bright as these #Barbiecore options are out on the streets, right?! Ugg gives its classic Mini boot a rain-ready remake. Water-damaged Uggs are a thing of the past.

Best Waterproof Boot

Premium Leather Waterproof Boot

  • Rugged, waterproof design
  • Comfortable shock absorption
  • Shearling footbed
  • True to size, but feel snug until broken in

Those of you who live in big cities have probably seen Blundstones out and about. The Australian brand has mastered the comfortable, durable, and classic Chelsea work boot—and they aren’t as clunky as other options. These waterproof boots take a moment to break in and get more comfortable, but they’re built to last.

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Barefoot Dreams Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

street style paris fashion week  haute couture fall winter 2019 2020 day two

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Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale went public today, which means the retail behemoth’s biggest sale of the year is upon us. We’re enthused to report that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale fashion deals are teeming with oh-so-good discounts, including some major price drops on designer pieces. That said, we’re just as excited to share that Barefoot Dreams, a brand famous for coziness (and one Nordstrom reviewers go crazy for), is on sale as well. Reader, if Barefoot Dreams isn’t a brand on your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 wishlist, you’re relaxing all wrong.

As we’ve returned to the office and braved the outside world while running errands, an influx of sweats, sandals, and cozy socks have made an appearance on sidewalks and in grocery stores alike. And one thing has remained a constant throughout it all: the added attention and care placed on our comfy inside clothing. (You know, the pieces we hurriedly swap our binding work clothes for to cozy up in while we watch the latest show.) But not all loungewear is made equally, and that’s where Barefoot Dreams comes in.

In case you haven’t been acquainted with the brand, Malibu-based Barefoot Dreams has become the premier destination for cozy blankets, loungewear, and apparel for the family over the past 25 years. The brand started in 1994 as a line of children’s products before quickly expanding to comfy apparel, which was eventually featured in 5-star resorts and spas. Since then, the brand has become a favorite among celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Brie Larson, Chrissy Teigen, and yes, Oprah.

Back to the task at hand: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The sale includes a range of Barefoot Dreams products like throw blankets, pet beds, dog sweaters, robes, cardigans, throw pillows, fuzzy socks, and matching pajama sets, so you know there’s something for everyone (hello, holiday shopping!). They’re perfect for those moments of leisure when your couch or bed is the only place you or your furry friend truly want to be. (FYI: The sale ends on July 31 at midnight, so if you plan on stocking up, I suggest doing it now!)

Though there are still a couple of months left in summer before the nippy fall and bone-chilling winter weather encroaches upon us, shopping Barefoot Dreams during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself, and your cozy loungewear wardrobe, for the rest of the year. Grab your favorite pieces now and prepare to settle in.

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‘Loki’ Season 2 Release Date, News, Cast, Spoilers, Trailer

Spoilers for Loki season 1 ahead.

Loki variants might be survivors above all else, but they’re also frustratingly pitfall-prone. Case in point: Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has died numerous times throughout the multiple phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, usually due to a two-pronged overestimation of himself and underestimation of his enemies. And in the Loki season 1 finale, Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), continually overzealous in her quest for vengeance, plunged a dagger into the heart of He Who Remains—and, by proxy, plunged the universe into madness.

As He Who Remains (a version of Kang the Conqueror, as played by the delightful Jonathan Majors) explains, the character is the arbiter of the one Sacred Timeline, a construct he created in order to protect the universe from multiple versions of his own (less “benevolent”) self. If the timeline were to branch out, a “Multiversal War” would bend the arc of reality into chaos. But in order to keep the Sacred Timeline aligned, He Who Remains has had to “prune” and kill untold numbers of variants such as Hiddleston’s Loki and Di Martino’s Sylvie—characters who strayed from their set-upon path and tested the waters of free will. He sees these eliminations as a necessary evil. Loki doesn’t necessarily agree, and Sylvie is too furious to register anything other than her own revenge.

He Who Remains then presents them, rather gleefully, with a choice: They can become the arbiters of the Sacred Timeline themselves, or they can kill him, allowing the Multiversal War to begin—only for a He Who Remains variant to rise up and create the Sacred Timeline anyway—bringing the whole saga full circle. He seems equally titillated and soothed by the idea of placing this choice in hands that are not his own. For once, he doesn’t know what will happen next.

But Sylvie does not give herself or Loki much time to think. The two of them fight as she tries to reach He Who Remains with her weapon, and Loki attempts convincing her that—perhaps, maybe, this time!—they have it all wrong. She refuses to listen, kissing him into submission before tossing him back through a TemPad portal into the TVA headquarters. Finally alone with the dictator, she kills him; Loki, back at the TVA, realizes almost immediately that the horror is done. A He Who Remains statue has replaced the Timekeepers’ likeness on the wall. The Multiversal War is here.

And so we’re all wondering: Now that everything has changed, what comes next? Here’s everything we know about season 2 of Loki—and the remainder of Marvel’s Phase 4.

Will there be a season 2 of Loki?

Thankfully, yes. Disney+ has officially renewed Loki for a second season. The streaming service revealed the exciting news during the finale’s end credits, when a case file was marked with a stamp saying, “Loki will return in season 2.”

Who will be in the cast?

Based on season 2 set pictures, we now know we’ll see villain-turned-hero Loki and Sylvie again, as well as Owen Wilson’s Mobius. Gugu Mbatha-Raw’s Ravonna Renslayer and Wunmi Mosaku’s Hunter B-15 are likely to return as well. Majors certainly could reprise his role as He Who Remains/Kang the Conqueror, but given his confirmed appearance in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, his fate remains unclear.

Deadline also confirmed Blindspotting’s Rafael Casal will enter season 2 in an undisclosed but major role.

Loki season 1 director Kate Herron will not return to lead the second season, she has revealed. In an interview with ELLE, she said, “I’m really proud to have been part of Loki’s story. I gave it everything in my heart and my soul. I’m excited to see what fresh eyes will bring.”

Still, Herron teased that fans can likely expect an even bigger storyline for Di Martino’s Sylvie in the next chapter: “We leave her in the Citadel, and she looks shell-shocked and full of pain, and she’s on a much earlier part of her journey [than Loki] in terms of self-healing, so I think it’ll be really fun to see where she ends up going.”

In a November interview with Di Martino, the actress revealed to ELLE that she wasn’t even sure which version of Sylvie we’d meet in season 2. For all we know, she could be playing a different Loki variant. “I assume she’ll fundamentally still be the same character, but the multiverse makes even [that] a little bit complicated. We can meet anyone,” she says.

When will season 2 be released?

Disney has yet to confirm an official release date for season 2, and with so much yet to come in the MCU, it’s difficult to parse out an exact timeline. Since Majors is slated to star in Quantumania in 2023, it’s likely that the next season of Loki would come out before or around that time.

The second season is currently in production, with DiMartino, Wilson and Hiddleston recently spotted in costume at a McDonalds.

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What does the finale mean for the future of the MCU?

Loki head writer Michael Waldron spoke to Marvel.com about Majors’s earth-shattering appearance. “Knowing that Kang was probably going to be the next big cross-movie villain, and because he is a time-traveling, multiversal adversary, it just always made so much sense,” he said. “I came up with that big multiversal war mythology and pitched it out in the room one day to our producers. And they said, ‘Yeah, let’s go for it.’ We knew we were going to end up meeting the man behind the curtain. And then it was just on us to make sure that that meeting really delivered.”

Buckle up, Marvel fans. The universe is at stake again, and this time Steve Rogers isn’t around to set everything back in order. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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Adele is Reportedly Planning a Documentary About Her Romance With Rich Paul and Vegas Residency

Unwilling to rest on the laurels of her viral Oprah TV special, Adele is reportedly leaning deeper into the documentary game, this time with a juicy tell-all about her current romance. (These days, if the celebs aren’t writing memoirs, they’re making documentaries!) After she detailed the circumstances surrounding her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki to Oprah, the “Easy On Me” singer has since fallen in love with top sports agent Rich Paul, and Page Six reports that her supposed documentary would go behind-the-scenes into their courtship.

The film would be her “most insightful work yet,” a source told The Sun on July 15, and would cover both her life with Paul as well as the sudden screeching halt her Las Vegas residency took in January.

“Adele feels she let fans down somewhat with how the past 12 months have panned out, particularly the last-minute postponement of her Las Vegas residency, and sees [making a documentary] as a way of making up for that,” the source said.

They added, “One thing is for certain, it will be must-watch TV. Even though everyone knows her name, Adele is still quite mysterious as a person. Her life now compared to when she released her debut album is unrecognizable.” [Insert side-eye emoji here.]

Such rumors might be part of a gentle image-rehabilitation scheme on Adele’s behalf, after the singer shocked fans when she postponed the Vegas residency after deeming it “not good enough.” Still, she remains unwavering in her decision, having told BBC Radio 4 that, despite the “brutal” backlash leaving her “a shell of a person for a couple of months,” postponing was the right choice. “I was devastated and I was frightened about letting them down, and I thought I could pull it together and make it work and I couldn’t, and I stand by that decision,” she said. “You can’t buy me, you can’t buy me for nothing. I’m not going to just do a show because I have to or because people are going to be let down or because we’re going to lose loads of money.”

She performed her first public concert in five years on July 2, where she told the crowd that the rearranged Las Vegas dates would be available “very, very soon.” In the meantime, she seems to be planning a consolation prize for fans: an intimate peek into her life offstage. Just don’t expect much drama. She told BBC Radio 4, “Over my dead body is my kid having a messy divorce in his life. There are no issues.”

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