Harry Styles Is a Date-Night Style God

At this point, Harry Styles has a maneuver for every occasion: the grail sweater for late-night television, the jaw-dropping dress for magazine covers, the Formal Pajamas for a music video. Now, Styles is showing off expertise in another discipline: date-night style. What to wear when you’re going out, and hoping to “share smooches,” as Page Six so elegantly puts it? Look no further than Styles and his pinned-back hair—optimizing the landing zone for those smooches—and a skin-baring lacy one-of-a-kind shirt from Bode.

New rule: if you have a hot date, nothing is sexier than a sorta-revealing crochet top. It’s the answer to the pressing question: how do I wear just enough while safely clearing the no-shirt-no-service dictum? And while the star of the lacy top is shining brighter than ever in the menswear world right now, we typically see them styled with a shirt underneath. My two cents: if you’re going to wear a crochet shirt, don’t do the half-measure undershirt. Be like Harry—go for it.

The crochet shirt is just one part of the equation here, though. Styles shows a samurai-level of mastery balancing out the rest of this fit. Somehow, he hits all the right trends at once: homespun top, oversized pants, and casual-Friday Vans Authentic shoes. (A good reminder that whether you’re after Adidas Sambas, Styles’s Authentics, or the latest New Balance, there’s no need to overpay for shoes in 2022.) Everything fits beautifully into place. This is the pinnacle of Hot Date Style.


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John Boyega Goes Light and Dark

The London-born actor John Boyega is in New York promoting his new movie, Breaking, and while Boyega is no stranger to a bold color (he wore a cherry-red suit to the ESPYS last month), he took a more tonal approach this week. In fact, he busted out two monochromatic looks in one single day. The drastic color change—from dark to light—almost feels like a subtle nod to his time in the Star Wars universe, defined by the battle between the light and dark sides of the force.

To start his day, Boyega went all-black, simple and to the point with a boxy, oversized T-shirt and slouchy cargo pants. The outfit’s real star? Shiny black dress shoes from Celine. Staying minimalist with the rest of the outfit to highlight the flex-worthy shoes is one hell of a style swerve.

Later in the day, Boyega did a complete wardrobe change and showed up dressed in all-white for his appearance on The Daily Show. This time he went slightly more formal: a flowy jacket paired with a crisp white tee and high-waisted trousers. (Don’t sleep on the power of a great, plain white tee.) The only thing that didn’t change between the two outfits was the glimmering key pendant around his neck.

Both of these looks pull from the wave of quiet luxury cresting in menswear. It’s about dressing in classic pieces that focus more on the fit and feel than anything overly showy—think of the simplistic-but-beautiful clothes from The Row and Fear of God. Boyega’s Star Wars portrayal of stormtrooper growing into a good-guy fighter helped turn him into a household name. But when it comes to his off-screen fashion, make no mistake: both the light and dark sides of the style force have plenty to recommend them.

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30 New Fall Arrivals From Shopbop

Currently, my main objective is to extract as much out of the rest of summer as possible. That includes wearing sandals until it’s too chilly that it’s physically impossible, and having impromptu alfresco dinners before daylight savings rolls around. But while I’m still in full summer mode, announcements about pumpkin spice and new knit sweaters are already hitting my inbox. As I wrestle with my feelings about saying goodbye to summer, it’s hard to ignore the new beginnings sensation of fall still rubbing off on me. For some, that means starting school or taking up a new hobby, for me that means shopping for new clothes. 

No matter how I feel about cold weather, I still get excited over a fresh pair of boots. To quell my yearning for new clothes I headed over to Shopbop to see what was popping in their selection of new arrivals. Its workwear edit and fall selection recently dropped, so there was plenty to see and plenty to add to my closet. For a full view of the pieces I immediately saved, keep scrolling below.

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8 Trendy Fall Wardrobe Basics That Are Going Viral

While the fall collections were filled with plenty of frivolity and extravagance, they also featured a number of plain old wardrobe basics. So many, in fact, that we can’t deny the impact this “trend” is having. It’s weird, but some of the simplest clothing items in our closets are having a big moment. Perhaps it’s the answer to reaching our saturation points with trends or a holdover from the pandemic’s fixation on comfort, but either way there’s a definite shift happening. For fall, we’re paring things back and returning to the failsafe silhouettes that we know and love.

Counterintuitive as it may seem to call these simple basics a “trend”, here we are. The fall 2022 runways were amass with items like slip dresses and white tank tops, ballet flats and button-downs that are the foundation to so many of our closets. As with any designer iteration, these plain items are getting a fashion-y spin with luxe new updates. They may be humble, but these simple items are stepping into the spotlight this season.

We’re charting the path of 8 viral fall wardrobe basics from the runways to social media and of course, highlighting our favorite picks below.

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7 Expensive-Looking and Affordable Trends to Buy This Fall

When it comes to shopping for clothes, I’ll admit that my sartorial preferences don’t always reflect my available bank balance. I seem to be drawn to luxurious designer pieces, sumptuous fabrics, sophisticated silhouettes, elevated styles—that all tend to carry a hefty price tag. In other words, I have expensive taste but a small budget. Luckily, however, that doesn’t make shopping any less fun. In fact, I love that satisfying (and smug) feeling when I find a chic, new season trend or style that looks pricey but doesn’t cost a fortune. So today, I want to share the trends I’m most excited about buying this fall which feed my penchant for luxurious-looking styles but don’t won’t break the bank. Keep scrolling to add these affordable yet elevated fall trends to your wardrobe this season. Best of all, everything is under $150.

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The 11 Biggest Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Trends

Designers gave us a lot to look at in the fall 2022 collections and a glimpse into where fashion is headed this year. On one side of the spectrum, brands showcased light, pretty things. Among them were gauzy sheer dresses at Fendi, exposed silky lingerie layered underneath embellished cutout pieces at Miu Miu, high-glamour satin dresses at Saint Laurent, and romantic full skirts at Bottega Veneta.

On the other side, there was an angsty undercurrent that ran through the collections. Leather got edgier and more heavy-duty at Diesel. Grungier vibes were present at Khaite and Givenchy with moody looks centered on layers of black. Even bridal looks had a strong alt bend, with skimpy, voluminous gowns at Off-White and 3D feathers at Richard Quinn.

With so many contrasting ideas on the runways, it’s difficult to neatly wrap up the season, but one thing is certain: Creativity is percolating, and we’re entering into an exciting moment in fashion. Ahead, we’ll dive deeper into what is on the horizon with the 11 biggest fall/winter fashion trends for 2022 and the key buys to add to your closet now if you’re an early adopter.

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3 Second-Hand Designer Handbags to Buy for Fall

“You own way too many bags” is a phrase that I often hear from those around me but refuse actually to hear. In my mind, with so many incredible designer bags, rising brands, and trends at large, the limit does not exist. Of course, practically speaking, I know there are limitations (like closet space, budget, and my loved ones’ patience) that make being able to edit down or purchase wisely necessary. In those moments, I know I must take a deep breath and discern what bags will outlast the trend cycle before clicking the buy button. It’s a skill that I find challenging even as an editor, so in those fraught moments where I can’t discern which bags are worth securing (and which should be a hard swerve), I like to call on the experts for guidance.

Of course, it should be noted that there are so many luxury resale experts and retailers in the market who know their stuff when it comes to bags that retain value; but none have been as influential as What Goes Around Comes Around. Long before the boom of digital vintage resalers, Seth Weisser and Gerard Maione paved the way for the industry as we know it today. They co-founded WGACA in ’93 by opening their first storefront in SoHo, New York. It became the place to shop for luxury goods among the fashion and celeb set alike and has changed how the world shops handbags. 

It is this extensive knowledge and influence that compelled me to reach out to them for guidance—and luckily, they obliged. Ahead, you’ll hear from Weisser and Maione themselves about what it took to build their brand, how cultural perspectives on the resale market have evolved, and which 3 bags they feel are perfect for investing in this fall. 

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29 Late Summer Zara Finds You’ll Want To Know

I can’t be the only person who logged onto Zara’s website and fell in love with one too many pieces this week. Its high summer collection has fully stolen my heart. With any of the online retailers that I frequent, I’ve found that my experiences are often hit or miss, but I fully hit the jackpot today, and it is my fashion-editor duty to report back. 

Currently, I am beginning to look for pieces that I can slowly transition to fall in. The last few weeks of summer are arriving and while the temperatures are still warm, I’d love to start wearing my favorite fall trends. This means tailored pieces like vests and wide-leg pants and a subtle transition to a more warm and natural color scheme. I went through pages and pages to find the best of the best so your shopping could be easier. Below, you’ll find 29 pieces that are giving major August-through-September vibes. 

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30 Orange Purses That Will Spice Up Your Wardrobe

Here at Who What Wear, we’ve been predicting that orange will be the color of the year since February. At this point, we’re halfway through the year, and it’s safe to say we were correct. The fun and bold shade doesn’t often get the spotlight since it’s been known to be difficult to style, but hear me out when I say that this color is one to try.

It’s really easy to get into the groove of only buying into black and neutral bags, but if you’re getting bored, this is your sign to try something new. If you’re anything like me, a transition into fall means a lot more neutral and tan shades. No bold color looks better with those neutral shades than orange. So why not take a risk and jump into orange? These 30 bags just might convince you…

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6 Fall Trends to Wear With the Season’s Trendiest Sneakers

Now that it’s nearly September, it’s really time to start thinking about fall trends if you care to and if you haven’t yet. I’m someone who usually chooses my shoes first when planning out an outfit, and lately, the shoes have been sneakers. What can I say, I’m on a kick (no pun intended). If you can say the same for yourself, you’ll be glad to know that many of the upcoming trends look amazing with sneakers, and the F/W 22 runways proved it.

There was a lot of staying around sneakers for the fall season, especially on the runways of Paris, and not necessarily in predictably casual ways. Trendy sneaker styling will be more unique than ever if the fall runways are any indication (which they always are). Keep reading to find out which six trends are the most sneaker-friendly, and shop the It sneakers to pair with them, from Adidas Sambas to New Balance 550s.


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