Who What Wear Podcast: Kerry Washington

You turned 45 in January. How does that play into your overall fashion goals? Or does it?
I really don’t think about it a lot. I don’t think about my age a lot. My kids make fun of me, I’m sometimes like, “Am I 44? Am I 46? I don’t I don’t actually know.” I like that.

I love data when it comes to identifying, defining, analyzing success and what it looks like. I’m really interested in data. For myself, I don’t I don’t tend to think about being 45 a lot.

I think if there are considerations that are adjacent to the idea of age. I do sometimes think about the fact that I’m a mom, I think that plays a role in my choices. To be honest, I try to make sure that it’s not limiting me too much. That I’m still that I’m still making the choices that feel right for me right now in my life, while also being respectful to my identity as a mom and to my relationships.

I think about those things and I think about ways to fold in my identity as a as a wife, a mom, a daughter, into the choices that I make.

Not as reasons to hide, but more it’s just reasons to really make sure that I’m leaning into the truth of what I want to be wearing and how I want to be wearing it. Whether other people approve or not.

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