Who What Wear Podcast; Jenna Perry

You end up going to hair school right after high school. Can you tell me a little bit about what that education piece of it was like?
I really knew in my gut that I wanted to be a hairdresser. Luckily, my parents were like, “Okay, you can always go to college down the road.”

Right after high school, I took a month off and I went to Paul Mitchell. I grew up on an island in Rhode Island, so leaving and crossing the bridge to go to hair school was such a big deal for like a small town girl.

I met so many different people. Some people were older and every walk of life was going to cosmetology school. I just remember loving every second of the education. The hardest part for me was being a lefty, because there aren’t many lefties in the world. I had to learn everything backwards or in a different way.

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