What Not to Pack in a Carry-On, According to an Expert

What was it like traveling for Vogue and Allure? 

I love the feeling of being on the road or in transit, and I’m lucky to have traveled heavily for most of my career. It’s definitely not always glamorous. But that’s something that I love about travel—it’s a great equalizer. We all feel turbulence the same, we all fret about over-/underpacking, and we all feel a flutter of nervousness or excitement before any trip. 

The biggest difference is what I pack when traveling for work, not necessarily how I pack or travel. When traveling for work, I bring more beauty products (foundation, blush, eyeliner) and more fashionable work attire. When I travel for pleasure, all I really care about is if the bikini makes it in the bag, and everything else figures itself out!

Since leaving those titles, how have you approached your personal travel plans? 

Not much has changed. Owning a travel and beauty company has quite literally made travel my job, so every trip is both personal and work related.

Any favorite destinations you’ve explored? 

Palawan, Philippines, is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.

Why did you create your brand Ries? 

After years of working for brands like Vogue and Allure, my desk was covered with every coveted beauty and haircare product, but none addressed the lack of functionality I’d encounter when packing my toiletries for a trip. The process was inconvenient at best and, at worst, incredibly wasteful. It required so many mini bottles made of virgin plastic that are impossible to reuse, or the curly haircare products I used in my regular routine weren’t made in a travel size. From a user standpoint, that entire process haunted me.

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