Virgo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 29 – September 4, 2022

Sensitive personal intel: incoming! You could get quite the earful this week, Virgo, thanks to a free-flowing connection (a 60-degree sextile) between candid Jupiter and unbridled Mars. The trouble is, you may not quite know what to DO with this information. And for that reason, it’s best to do…nothing at all. Chances are, this is not data to be analyzed in a public forum, which includes over dinner with friends or whispered in hushed tones with another colleague. If the weight of holding this secret is too much to bear, talk to a neutral third party and leave names out of it. Here’s another idea: Halt people before they have a chance to burden you with their confidential information. There’s a reason people say that innocence is bliss. So if someone’s opening gambit sounds like, “Can I share something private with you?” don’t reflexively say yes!

Also, think twice before you agree to split any checks this weekend, Virgo. As impulsive Mercury and generous Jupiter face off across your money axis, they reveal differing attitudes around saving and spending. What’s valuable to you might not be worth the expense to someone else, and vice versa. But that’s probably a wise thing to figure out before the bill lands on the brunch table or you find yourself on the hook for years of payments for an object someone else in your house “needs,” but you could live without. While you may feel like the provocateur, people could later be grateful for your savvy budgeting wisdom.

Feeling like your home is anything but your castle? Chin up, Virgo. Saturday’s waxing quarter moon in Sagittarius brings a motivating lift to your domestic fourth house. Start by doing what your sign does best—declutter, organize and tidy up. But TOO minimalist an aesthetic won’t work; you need a healthy dose of personality in your space! Virgos love to infuse your decor with carefully curated “objets” like one-of-a-kind art, plants, crystals and textiles. While you’re in makeover mode, read about Feng Shui and rearrange some things to get stagnant chi flowing again. Or try the numerology-based principle of moving 27 objects to change the energy of a room. Place a symbol of love and partnership in your romance corner (the one that’s the farthest right from your bedroom door). If you’ve got piles of “dirty laundry” or “old baggage,” remove them stat! And clear out anything under your bed that might be sapping your passion.


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