Versace’s New Greca Goddess Collection

Even on my worst days, there’s nothing a good outfit can’t fix. Creating a look that oozes confidence empowers me to take on the day in a new way (even if I’m faking it). When I think of the brands that inspire the most confidence, Versace immediately comes to mind. This season, its offerings range from the signature Medusa corset to those already iconic platform heels, but the newest line of bags and accessories is really where it’s at. The Greca Goddess collection beautifully combines Versace’s sleek leather with its classic hardware—you know, that iconic gold insignia you’d recognize anywhere? In the words of Donatella herself, “When I touch the strong, cold metal of the Greca, it makes me feel my strength and confidence.” She’s not wrong. From gold-chain shoulder bags to statement clutches, these are the must-know accessories from Versace.

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