These Are the 19 Best Eye-Shadow Palettes for Beginners

Experimenting with makeup is an age-old pastime for me. Even though my mom didn’t allow me to wear foundation, concealer, or any makeup that covered my skin until I was legally an adult, I always found a way to experiment with makeup with eye shadow. Growing up in the ’90s and 2000s, I mostly adorned my eyelids with rhinestones and my favorite gold Covergirl eye shadow. That was my signature.

As my makeup world grew, I still loved adorning my eyes, but in college, I leaned into heavy, smudged, black eyeliner and loads of mascara. (Let’s just say the photos from my college days are filled with raccoon eyes.) And these days, I get to chat with expert makeup artists regularly for tips on the best ways to accentuate the eyes. For this story, Kate Synnott, the creative director at RĂ³en Beauty, and global makeup artist and Code8 brand trainer Sasha Ghodstinat gave me the deets on the best eye-shadow palettes for beginners.

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