These 31 Chic Shoes Are Perfect for the New Season

If there’s one thing I absolutely love, it’s shoes. Some of us love a great dress or bag, but I am all about a fabulous pair of shoes. Nothing can really make or break an outfit like your shoe choice, and now that we’re headed into fall, it is the perfect time to update your collection. To me, fall is the best time for shoes. You can start bringing out your array of boots, from knee-high boots to rain boots to Chelsea boots to ankle boots. It’s also the time when you can embrace chic closed-toed flat shoes like loafers, sneakers, and ballet flats. I know—I didn’t see ballet flats being on-trend in 2022. As someone who identifies as a heel girl, I’m a little apprehensive about trying this trend myself, but I’ve got to admit that ballet flats are pretty adorable. I’ve rounded up 31 pairs of shoes that I have been staring at in my online cart for way too long, and it’s time I treat myself to a new addition to my shoe collection. 

Keep scrolling to see the fall shoes that I’m shopping for this season.

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