The Secret to Making Any Outfit Instantly Chicer

I remember the exact moment I was sold on sneakers as the secret to making any outfit look effortlessly cool. In 2015, I watched a designer take a bow at the end of her runway show wearing slouchy trousers paired with plain white sneakers—and immediately set out to get my own pair. Almost a decade later, the styling trick remains my go-to. There’s nothing easier than pairing a sleek dress or baggy jeans with a simple pair of kicks for a nonchalant but chic vibe. The latest pair to win me over? ECCO’S SOFT 7, a luxurious yet reasonably priced spin on the wardrobe staple.

If you’re not familiar with ECCO, it’s a Denmark-based brand. That alone gives it fashion cred in my book—just look at any of the Copenhagen Fashion Week street style photos for proof of the power of Scandi-girl style. Minimal and sleek, these sneakers perfectly embody the cool-girl vibe: laidback, luxe, and classic. But I don’t just love them for their looks; they’re also incredibly comfortable, making them the easy choice whether you’re sightseeing on vacation or commuting to work. Need more convincing? Let me get down to the nitty-gritty on why these sneakers need to be in your wardrobe.


They’re super lightweight and cushy.

In recent years, the trend for sneakers is to be clunky and heavy. That’s fine if you’re going for that look, but imagine walking 10,000-plus steps in them? Your legs would be crying for a massage by the end of the day! The ECCO SOFT 7 feel like they weigh nothing at all, making a day on your feet nearly painless. The crazy comfort all comes down to their attention to detail and quality construction. The upper is made from smooth nubuck leather, and the fabric interior is ultra soft, so you don’t risk getting blisters. ECCO uses an anatomical last (which is a fancy way of saying they’re literally designed around a real foot), so you know it’ll fit perfectly. Plus, while the insoles are plush like little clouds, the bottoms are durable and flexible, so you’ll be able to wear them—and walk miles in them—for years to come.

They’ll literally match anything in your closet.

While I’m partial to a white sneaker for its ability to add a casual touch to everything from a slouchy, menswear-inspired suit to a bold floral dress, it might not be everyone’s personal style. Luckily, the ECCO SOFT 7 comes in a bunch of other colors like black, gray, gunmetal, and metallic pink—and even a few patterns, such as a fun floral. No matter what shade is your favorite, they’re all equally as versatile for your closet.

Reviewers are obsessed.

With over 400+ glowing reviews, the ECCO SOFT 7 is hands down ECCO’s most top-rated item. Clearly, I’m not the only fan who feels there’s nothing more comfortable and stylish for everyday wear. The most convincing testimonial? A woman who owns 16 pairs credits the shoes for saving her feet from unnecessary pain. Talk about a resounding reason to treat yourself to a pair. And, who knows? Maybe after wearing these for a few days, you’ll want to buy 15 more, too.

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