The Best Workout Clothes for Women

Finding the motivation to consistently be active can be a challenge, but I promise it becomes so much easier when you have cute workout clothes. Oversize T-shirts from college and years-old sweatpants will suffice when you’re just getting back into the swing of things, but over time, they just don’t cut it. Here’s where things like moisture-wicking and antimicrobial technology come into play. Clothes specifically designed to keep you cool and absorb sweat will significantly improve the quality of your workouts.

But of course, as a fashion person, it’s not just the utilitarian qualities I’m concerned about. I want to look good while pulling up to my Pilates class, so I’ve put special emphasis on functional workout pieces that also rank high on aesthetics. Just like the broader fashion world, athleisure trends have permeated into the fitness sphere, which might explain the explosion of tennis dresses and minimalist, earth-toned matching sets. Taking aesthetics and function into account, I’ve gathered the best workout clothes you’ll find in the market. 

Whether your activity of choice is a 40-minute spin class, yoga, or an hour-long run in the great outdoors, these pieces will be your workhorse. 

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