The Best Sunglasses a Fashion Editor Loves

From balletcore to distressed leather, there’s certainly no shortage of trends to dip into right now. But if you’re looking for the most sensible way to make your money go farther, a seasonless staple is always the smartest investment. Of the best pieces that fit into this category (sneakers, denim, and handbags are among them), it’s worth noting that sunglasses are also true evergreen pieces that can stretch across seasons. No 80-degree days required.

When it’s hot and sticky, the less clothing the better, so sunglasses are a pivotable accessory to set the sartorial tone. I like to call them a shortcut to cool because no complicated styling is necessary to sell the look. In fact, I’d argue that a pair of statement shades are best supported by the plainest of basics to make them pop. Think a button-down and or even sweatpants. While we’re all keeping the layers packed away for a little longer and the summer sun is still rearing its head, I figured a smorgasbord of the coolest sunglasses is in order. Below, I’ve assembled the It pairs to know and to own, according to fashion people (including myself). Keep scrolling to scope out some ways to style them along with the exact sunglasses to shop. 

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