The 3 Best Boots to Wear With Dresses

As much as I love fall weather and the clothing that complements it, I always have trouble parting with my summer dresses at the end of the season. I spend so much time and money curating a collection of special dresses I truly love that I can’t bring myself to tuck them away into the back of my closet come September. Instead, I’ve decided to find ways to continue wearing my favorite summer dresses all the way through fall, whether it be adding an oversize blazer or leather jacket or draping a cardigan over my shoulders. 

But my absolute favorite way to get more longevity out of my dresses is by pairing them with a chic pair of fall boots. Plenty of styles look great with a summer dress, but there are three, in particular, that almost universally work well with whatever dress style you choose. Whether it’s a long maxi skirt, midi slip dress, or micro miniskirt, pairing it with one of these styles is virtually guaranteed to look polished. Below, I’m breaking down each boot style and some shopping picks for each if you’re looking to add a pair to your closet.  

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