The 23 Best Leather Pants for Every Budget

Before leather pants were a thing, the arrival of fall meant a refreshing wardrobe shift from skin-baring outfits to the classic sweater-and-denim combination. The times have changed. The 2000s and even the 2010s were both decades where we thought nothing could ever replace a classic pair of blue jeans. The women of the world today beg to differ. Their fall and winter uniform requires one wardrobe staple: leather pants.

Watching the next-level trousers take over the world has been an exciting ride. Now that every brand boasts a pair among their fall collections, it’s hard to tell with a simple online scroll which ones are worth buying into. I’m looking for my next pair, so I had to stop and ask a few of my fellow Who What Wear editors, who own at least four pairs each, to tell me about their absolute favorite. Their answers did not disappoint.

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