The 21 Best Bikinis for Small Busts

If a brand has swimwear in its spring/summer collection, chances are it’ll only cater to those up to a D-cup. With DD+ considered a “specialist” section, if you have smaller boobs, you can count yourself as one of the lucky ones who can shop practically anywhere.

But we all know swimwear shopping isn’t that easy, and while every body is completely different, there are of course some styles I would like to highlight as better suited to small busts. As a 32D, I can usually find the equivalent to my size in most swimwear sections, but over the years, I’ve learned which styles tend to suit my shape more.

The fact is if you need less support, you can opt for skimpier styles that those with larger boobs may not find comfortable to wear. And with triangle, string, and cut-out styles being key swimwear trends this season, these are plenty to try out. If, however, you prefer to still have support with underwired or padded styles, I’ve put these in my edit, too. Want to boost your assets? There are so many tricks such as textures, ruffle details, and ruching that can help with this. So keep scrolling to shop the best bikinis for smaller busts. 

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