The 13 Best Scalp Massagers to Buy Now

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It’s no secret that we all love summer. With summer Fridays, beach vacays, pool days, and extra sunshine, what’s not to love? Well, maybe all of the buildup and dryness you may be experiencing on your scalp? We definitely don’t love that. Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, so it’s important to make sure we are looking out for it. Whether you’ve been spraying on layers of dry shampoo to soak up all the summer sweat or you have sandy strands from a weekend away at the beach, a scalp massager can help you deep clean your scalp and promote healthier strands.

But, what exactly is a scalp massager, you ask? It’s typically a small handheld brush made out of silicone bristles, though variations do exist. It can be used to amplify the lather of your shampoo in the shower or as a nice spa-like massage when you need a boost. Regular scalp massages can promote overall hair health and growth. Since you’re not using your fingers and nails to massage in your shampoo, a scalp massager can also help you prolong your manicure, so it’s really a win-win. Keep scrolling for 13 of the best scalp massagers in the market that you can add to cart right now for a healthier scalp and longer, stronger strands.

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Best Overall


Scalp Massager


Best for Scalp Stimulation

Look Organics

Scalp Stimulator


Best for a Gentle Massage


Scalp Revival™ Stimulating Therapy Massager


Best for All Over the Scalp


GRO Scalp Massager


Best for a Spa-Like Scalp Massage

Act + Acre

Scalp Gua Sha


Best Scalp Massaging Brush


Flourish Manta Healthy Hair Brush


Best for Extra Scrubbing


Handheld Hair Massager


Best for Promoting Hair Growth

Grande Cosmetics

Stimulating Scalp Massager


Best Natural Option


Scalp Massager


Best Minimalist Option


Black Shampoo Massage Brush


Best for Removing Buildup


Bye Bye Build-Up Exfoliating Scalp Brush


Best for Gentle Buildup Removal


Hair Shampoo Brush


Best for Thick Hair


Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

What are the benefits of a scalp massager?

“A scalp massager is perfect to help stimulate blood flow and circulation, which in turn promotes overall scalp wellness and can help boost hair growth,” says Rivera. “A scalp massager is also my favorite way to give myself a relaxing self-care moment to unwind. When you use a scalp massager in conjunction with a hair product, it really makes the scent bloom for a total spa experience at home.”

Who should use a scalp massager?

“The truth is: everyone,” says Rivera. “The scalp is such an essential part of your hair’s well-being, and massaging the scalp will even help with your hair’s regrowth process.”

Should you use a scalp massager on wet or dry hair?

Scalp massagers can be used on wet or dry hair. When in the shower, lather up your shampoo and massage with one of these tools to exfoliate and remove debris. Try on dry hair with a scalp oil or treatment to massage and promote circulation for healthy hair growth.

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