The 11 Best Electric Shavers for Women

Well, for starters, it’s all in the skin prep. We’ve all been in a rush, reached for a razor, and swiped it across our dry skin. That is a big no-no. When shaving, you want to ensure your skin is damp and has had at least five minutes of water exposure. Then, you can apply a shaving cream or gel before cutting the hair away. 

Additionally, pre-shaving exfoliation is essential—especially for those prone to ingrowns—along with an arsenal of body care products that will help replenish moisture and exfoliate the skin simultaneously (think a body lotion with AHAs). 

One more helpful tip that might just be the most strategic of all? Opting for an electric razor. These days, the updated technology helps electric razors give a close shave that is gentler on the skin and better for the planet. Below, we’re sharing a few of our top electric razor picks alongside our favorite shaving skincare essentials. Keep scrolling for more!

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