The 10 Best ’90s Outfits From Gwyneth Paltrow

Last week, while writing a story on fall’s ’90s minimalist vibe, I came upon a plethora of images of Gwyneth Paltrow from that decade. While I’ve seen many of these photos before, this time around, they sparked my sartorial senses. Probably because they feel altogether relevant right now. With everything from slip dresses to leather blazers and minimalist maxi skirts having a moment this fall, Gwyneth’s style has become a great source of inspo for my new-season wardrobe. I want to copy this exact outfit was the predominant thought that came to mind while going down a rabbit hole of her ’90s looks. The best part is that her ensembles are so easy to emulate this season with all the chic minimalist pieces on the market right now.

Take a peek below at some of my favorite Gwyneth looks from the ’90s that are absolutely perfect for fall, and then shop out the ensembles for yourself. You have my full permission to make this your fall mood board.

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