Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 29 – September 4, 2022

No apologies for being a stickler, Scorpio! Those microscopic details that other people run from are your “zone of genius.” And this week, you’ll have a chance to flex your scrutinizing skills and do some investigative work. For this, you can thank a flowing sextile (60-degree angle) between Mars in your eighth house of mystery and Jupiter in your systematic sixth. With these two heavy-hitters in a friendly alignment, you can get away with being a little (okay, a lot) pushier about getting your answers. As long as you don’t skew aggressive—a risk with these combative planets—you can keep bridges intact. In fact, you might want to pump up the Scorpionic charm! Sweeten the pot with genuine compliments; treat for lunch. Having people on your side is always better than turning them into enemies.

Be prepared to lay out the facts this Friday! Messenger Mercury, who is drifting through your hazy twelfth house, gets checked by an opposition from truth-bearer Jupiter. Save the cryptic code speak and seductive insinuations for another time. If you want to garner trust (and keep people’s attention!) give them statistics, cost estimates and firm commitments. And don’t let FOMO get the best of you! It’s better to say “no” than “maybe” if you’re not sure you can show up for an engagement. That way, no one will be disappointed or feel as if you’re flaking out. Before you whip out your wallet or agree to get involved in any new activities, find out what the expectations really are. Reading the fine print could reveal some responsibilities (and fees!) that you’re not up for covering. Ask for a few days to think it over.

Saturday’s activating quarter moon in your second house of practical magic inspires you to take on the quotidian tasks you’ve been putting off for, yeah, far too long. It’s no one’s idea of fun to hunker down with credit card and bank statements and get the bills paid, but these chores don’t do themselves! Rather than focus on the drudgery or what you’re giving up, reframe it as a way to get your finances in order and possibly even put some streamlined new systems in place. An organized Scorpio is a force to be reckoned with! If anything’s missing or unclear, make the calls or send the emails necessary to finish the project. You don’t have to clear the decks by Monday, but you CAN make a major dent in the to-do pile. If you’ve been an industrious Scorpio and are up to speed, use the weekend to put out friendly feelers with people you might want to work with in the future.


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