Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 22 – 2 8, 2022

It’s always a bittersweet day for your free-spirited sign when the Sun leaves Leo and your expansive ninth house (AKA the “Sag house”) and moves on to industrious Virgo and your tenth house of professional ambition and success. This Monday, August 22, you get to hunker down and reapply yourself to that big project, whether for YOU or your company. The upside is that (hopefully) all your recent traveling and daydreaming will power up anything you have to do between 9 and 5. Whatever you’re up to, find ways to connect the work to your inner vision-quest. This will fill you with premium fuel to put the pedal to the metal, which actually strengthens on Saturday, when the annual Virgo new moon dazzles you with fresh-start energy. Your output during this solar-powered surge WILL be noticed, ideally by the perfect influencer or potential angel investor, so no skimming the surface or cutting corners! By strategically teaming up with the right collaborators, you can save time and energy and possibly exceed your own high expectations. If you’re looking to make a change, discreetly put the word out (even though “discretion” is not exactly your strong suit). A good way to get a toe in the door? Volunteer on a small project or event so the powers that be can see you in action—and presumably be so impressed they make you an offer on the spot!

On a more personal note, this Wednesday, the universe may start sending you “green alerts” to get a fresh start on your health, stress levels and self-care. Revolutionary Uranus kicks off its annual reversal in your sixth house of wellness, organization and daily work routines until January 22, 2023. The side-spinning planet is halfway through a lengthy tour of this realm (May 2018 to April 2026), so the transformation that’s underway is likely to be unfolding slowly—but surely! This five-month retrograde is your annual opportunity to implement any sweeping changes you’ve been dreaming of (and possibly dreading at the same time). As long as the shift supports your higher intentions, it’s worth the sweat and sacrifice. As you know, when it comes to healing, there’s no magic elixir. It’s your (exquisite) responsibility to take control of your health and suss out any place where you’re still playing victim or not stepping into your highest power. And eating right for your body, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep isn’t just a “good idea”—it’s essential for balancing and soothing your body, mind AND spirit.

But not to worry, Archer: The week (and month) isn’t only about work and deprivation! Your social side returns—and with it some levity and comic relief—on Thursday as playful Mercury zips into Libra and your team-spirited eleventh house (on and off) until October 29—an extra-long visit because of a retrograde from September 9 to October 2. During that reversal, reconnect with pals and colleagues from the past. Over the coming two months, you could land on a perfect joint venture. But take your time! Twitchy Mercury, especially when it’s retrograde, can make you a little quick on the metaphoric trigger. Be sure to properly vet people and maybe start with a small test project before going all in.


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