Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 22 – 2 8, 2022

Bring on the dynamic duets and tender twosomes! You’ll be thinking in “we” (not “me”) terms starting this Monday, August 22, as the radiant Sun blazes into Virgo and your seventh house of committed partnerships for a four-week visit. During this annual transit, you’ll gain clarity and awareness into your key relationships. (And Saturday’s Virgo new moon brings a second, possibly stronger dose of this energy.) If you’re single and tend to play it safe to avoid getting hurt, you may inadvertently be keeping yourself out of the game, energetically. Single Fish looking to get hooked should deliberately nibble on more (and more varied) “bait” to increase your chances of meeting someone with keeper potential. This doesn’t equate to going out with a person just because they ask or trusting any baddie that slides into your DMs. Whether you call it discernment or not, your intuition generally guides you to the right action. So heed the little voice inside your head—or heart—when faced with dating options. Attached? This commitment energy makes you eager to take a major step, but vibe out your partner’s feelings. What NOT to do? Initiate a “what’s next” conversation every time you’re together. Of course, once the Sun enters Libra and your house of permabonding on September 22, you may not be able to bite your tongue!

Certain other relationships, particularly platonic ones, are poised to shift starting this Wednesday as disruptive Uranus commences its annual retrograde until January 22, 2023. But don’t hit the panic button, Pisces! This backspin happens every year for about five months, so it shouldn’t be all that unsettling or radical—unless you want it to be! It’s fair to expect some degree of muddled communication with casual friends, siblings and neighbors. This is part of a much longer Uranus cycle—from May 2018 to April 2026—during which the side-spinning planet is taking inventory and bringing needed changes to your social, expressive third house. Starting midweek, this pivot could point out where you’ve been spreading yourself too thin. Take this not as a rebuke but an opportunity to scale back and prioritize your closest people. Uranus retrograde is a great time to pick up a cast-aside writing project or launch a podcast. Anything that gets your message out to larger audiences is supported now.

While you’re waiting for the Sun to blast into Libra next month, you’ll get a sneak preview on Thursday, when messenger Mercury wings into Libra and your eighth house of sensuality, intimacy and secrets until October 29 (on and off because of a retrograde). This is the perfect time to dive below the surface and go even deeper in one or a few close relationships. What can YOU do to make this even more solid and connected? The eighth house is also your metaphysical realm, so some Pisces could add a new mystical skill to your toolbox, like reading divination cards or palms—or astrology! Note that Mercury is retrograde from September 9 to October 2, which can totally scramble signals. On the plus side, this sultry Mercury transit will amplify your seductive charms. Couples should clear out your calendar and make “us” time a priority. Single? Have your fun, but save your final rose for someone who can meet you on all levels: mind, body AND soul.


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