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Gather your people, Libra—and tell them to bring THEIR people! The Sun is making the rounds through Leo and your idealistic eleventh house, the realm of groups and collaboration. You’ve got until August 22 to enjoy this lighthearted transit, so plan your epic summer garden party or gather your favorite friends for some rooftop bar meetups, beach outings and all the TikTok-worthy “best life” moments. 

Your comfort zone is also about to blast wide open, and that starts from the get-go. On August 1, intense Mars, changemaker Uranus and the karmic north node will make an ultra-rare convergence in Taurus, shaking up your eighth house of intimacy, investments and long-term money. From romance to finance, it’s time to start doing things differently—and who cares what anyone thinks! This is your love life, not a publicity campaign. Take a cue from Libra Kim Kardashian, whose seeming odd-couple relationship with Scorpio Pete Davidson seems to be keeping her plenty happy.

Ready to flex your wings and flaunt your independent spirit? On August 20, action planet Mars will begin an extended trek through Gemini and your ninth house of travel, expansion and entrepreneurship, staying until March 25, 2023. This seven-month cycle is five times the usual length of Mars’ visit to a sign, and with this energizing force in your good fortune sector, you’ll be pumped to take risks and expand into new terrain. The ninth house also rules higher education, and you might return to school, either as a student or a teacher!


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When the Sun slips into Virgo and your restful twelfth house on August 22, you’ll want to take the next month to explore options at a slow and intuitive pace. Hold off on big decisions until you feel 100 percent sure in your gut (in other words, the usual Libra way) and don’t force yourself to make moves before you’re ready. The August 27 Virgo new moon could bring a burst of divinely guided clarity if you tune into your soul. Grab your journal, stream a guided meditation or immerse yourself in nature to connect with that universal wisdom!

Socialize and network: It’s Leo season until August 22

Get out and circulate, Libra! The Sun is in Leo and your vibrant, collaborative eleventh house until August 22. After a hardworking July, you’re ready to spread your social butterfly wings and network as only your sign can. Whether you’re rallying the troops to get pumped about a work project or making an unforgettable entrance at a summer fiesta, you’re the heartbeat of every group gathering.

Since the eleventh house rules technology, your online presence will be just as dynamic. Be sure to wield it consciously! If you have a powerful message, it could go viral. All the more reason to post with awareness. This Leo season your words carry extra power—and sting. Make sure you’re not cutting anyone with too sharp an edge.

Tempers erupt at the August 7 Mars-Saturn square

What’s the rush, Libra? While you’re normally the first one to advocate “taking your time,” you may feel the urge to speed into emotionally intimate territory with a loved one this month, thanks to hasty Mars in your bonding zone. But the stars warn against impulsive behavior as Mars forms a cautionary square with restrictive Saturn in your love zone. If you’re forging a new relationship with someone, resist the urge to overshare upfront. Take it slow! You want to make sure this is a good match before getting too invested. The same thing goes for Libras in LTRs. Don’t speed into that “next big step” before you’re ready!

Lights, camera Libra! The August 11 Aquarius full moon

If you ARE looking for love (and when isn’t a Libra at least open to the possibility?), wear your heart on your sleeve on August 11. That day, the year’s only Aquarius full moon blasts into your fifth house of passion and self-expression, making you unusually bold. Under these brazen beams, you’re all fired up, and you’ve got something to share with the world. Pass the mic! Maybe it’s just a declaration of joy and celebration. If so, a full moon fiesta or a much-deserved night on the town could satisfy your decadent desires. With la luna in your fifth house of fun, it’s practically a cosmic mandate!

Warning: This full moon could bring up a lot of feelings, and they could span the gamut. While emotions could get heated (drama alert!), you’ll be able to speak your truth now. A budding love affair could consummate into a full-blown romance—or at least talk of one! Since the fifth house rules fertility, this fecund full moon could bring baby news for Libras of the childbearing set. If you’re an artist, performer or maker, these creativity-boosting beams will flood you with inspiration and also draw recognition for your talents. The spotlight awaits—don’t shy from it!

Summer slowdown: Virgo season begins August 22

Feeling a little worn out from all the action? You can slip under the radar for quieter pursuits starting August 22, when the Sun begins its annual monthlong sojourn through Virgo and your twelfth house of rest, healing and closure. Wrap up unfinished business before Libra season—and your next birthday!—arrives. What have you procrastinated on that’s still hanging over your head, and how can you complete that project? Who do you need to forgive or make amends with? 

Don’t shy away from delegating or asking for support, especially at the August 27 Virgo new moon. This is a perfect moment to begin (or reboot) a spiritual practice such as meditation or mindfulness. Integrate self-care into your day-to-day routine if you’ve lapsed on any of your grounding habits. You may need to let go of one phase in order to begin a new chapter. 

Inner visions: Uranus turns retrograde August 24

Can you have intimacy and freedom at once, or is that idea ultimately a paradox? On August 11, changemaker Uranus turns retrograde for five months, back-spinning through Taurus and your eighth house of merging, intimacy and shared resources. The planet of disruption has been shaking up this zone for the long haul from 2019 until 2026. 

During this seven-year cycle, you’re undergoing a slow but seismic change to everything from sex and relationships to the way you share power and money. Autonomous Uranus isn’t exactly comfortable in the permabonding eighth house, and you might have entertained radical new ideas for how you can enter into something deeply committed without losing yourself. Unconventional relationships or boudoir experimentation could be part of this Uranian transit.

Retrogrades can bring back people and unresolved issues from our past. Did you shut the door on an intense situation…or was it left open a crack? With volatile Uranus in repose, you might reunite with a smoldering ex. There could be a sudden breakup or a secret could come out into the open. Finances, especially joint ventures and real estate or legal matters, could become a source of stress and unpredictability. If you’ve overlooked important details or swept anything under the rug, Uranus retrograde could bring it all into the open to be dealt with. See it as a blessing, even if it happens suddenly and without warning.

Ultimately, by dealing with curveballs in a bold and honest way, you could break a suffocating pattern. If you don’t like the way things are going, speak up! Freedom is the goal here, Libra—and the only way you’ll find it is by voicing how you truly feel.

When it comes to love, the month starts out on a serious note, and you want to know where things are headed. That’s because the love planets, Venus and Mars, are in zones of your chart that drive you to connect and lock in solid commitments. 

It’s a matter of trust for you, and you’re feeling a bit vulnerable with Mars in Taurus activating your raw, emotional eighth house until August 20. There could be a few jealous or possessive moments, so keep those flare-ups in checkl

Until August 11, romantic Venus (your galactic guardian) is in Cancer and your tenth house of responsibility and long-term commitments. Chalk that up as another reason to find out if you and a special someone want the same things for the future. It’s great to connect in the moment, but you’re looking for more than just a good time!

Aaaandddd…that could all change in the blink of an eye after August 11, Libra. (Plot twist!) That day, Venus moves into Leo and your free-spirited eleventh house until September 5, lightening you up considerably. Your fun-loving social butterfly nature returns, probably to the great relief of your friends who were starting to find you a wee bit too intense. That same day serves up a full moon in Aquarius and your passionate, playful fifth house. Viva romance!

August 20 is another decisive date, when Mars begins an uber-extended trip (seven months rather than the usual seven weeks) through Gemini and your adventurous, expansive ninth house. The racy red planet is here until March 25, 2023, which could bring everything from a long-distance romance to a sizzling vacation fling. 

Remember how a few days ago you were being all hypervigilant with your love interest, tracking their every move and getting wounded if you weren’t the absolute focus of their attention? Yeah that. Well, it’s a new day—and suddenly you’re in the mood to champion “freedom for all” and a much more freedom-filled policy for all parties. Now that’s more your speed, Libra.

We’re not saying you can’t have a rock-solid commitment during this time. You certainly can! But it’s likely to be rooted in a shared respect for each other’s sovereignty rather than keeping score or letting the emerald-eyed monster run the show. How refreshing!

This month, the skies present a Taurus trio that will rock your world. On August 1, go-getter Mars, innovative Uranus and the destiny-driven north node all converge in your eighth house of long-term wealth, investments and joint ventures. A sudden opportunity to multiply your means could arise out of the blue. From real estate to NFTs and crypto to a powerful partnership, stay open to at least hearing and exploring!

In fact, much of this month should be spent thinking outside the box, Libra. The audacious Leo Sun is blazing through your progressive eleventh house until August 22, shifting your focus to the road less traveled. You could find yourself at a turning point, ready to abandon one path to boldly pursue another. Not sure which way to go? These synergistic skies spotlight your social network. Reach out to your peers for opportunities. One of them could make an introduction or pass along your resume to a perfect match. 

Maybe a bigger change of scenery is in order? Since the eleventh house rules your hopes and dreams, you might rethink your goals and begin searching for jobs that are more in alignment with your ideals. Remember, Libra: It’s okay for priorities to shift and change.

Love Days: 11, 15

Money Days: 21, 5

Luck Days: 19, 3

Off Days: 27, 17

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