Leo Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 29 – September 4, 2022

Where do you think you’re going, Leo? And wherever it is, why are you traveling alone? Not only is expansive Jupiter trotting through your global ninth house this Thursday, September 1, but it’s fistbumping brave Mars in your teamwork zone. You’ll reach your goals (or those distant shorelines) a whole lot faster with a little help from your friends. Since Jupiter is retrograde, that may involve revisiting a place that holds special meaning. But even if you’re staying put, try sharing some techniques that you’ve studied with your collaborators. Yes, this might introduce an edgier vibe, so ease in gently, but confidently. Before you know it, you might transform the entire way your squad works together!

As the workweek winds down, every word will count as messenger Mercury in Libra and your “salesy” third house gets body-checked by Jupiter, who is across the wheel in Aries and your honest-to-a-fault ninth house.

Rule number one? Speak in “definites” instead of “maybes” or you could inadvertently lead people down the garden path. If you’re spun up by a so-called news story, fact check like an investigative agent as this transit magnifies every detail. Better to stay mum unless you’ve acquired the proper statistics and intel to speak with confidence. Spreading conspiracy theories is NOT a good look, Leo.


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On Saturday, an energizing Sagittarius quarter moon powers up your fun loving, glamorous and insanely romantic fifth house. Rather than puttering around your lair, follow la luna’s inspiration to put yourself out there with renewed gusto. And we’re not just talking about right-swiping. Go out and mingle with people who might at least KNOW someone who could be your type. This clarifying quarter moon can give you objective insight into how you “do” relationships. You might realize you come on like a lion but then turn into a shark if your passion isn’t returned in kind. Or maybe you’ve been paying less attention to intimacy and more to the drama. The good news is you’ll have incentive to make desired changes and be the kind of lover and partner you want to manifest in return. Like attracts like, so before you try to alter someone else (a mission impossible), follow the moon’s cues to work on yourself. This empowering lunar lift might nudge you into the spotlight. Normally we don’t have to tell a Leo to turn up your own beams. This isn’t arrogance; it’s taking pride in your accomplishments AND helping illuminate the great work of others as well as your own.


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