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Get out and circulate, Gemini! This month brings some much-needed levity to your world. The Sun is in Leo and your third house of community and communication until August 22. As the natural ruler of the third house, you’re in your element during Leo season, flitting between events, meetings and spontaneous outings. Kindred spirits can pop out of the woodwork, and you could explore some exciting synergies. 

But first, is there something you need to let go of, Gemini? You’ll find out August 1 as intense Mars, volatile Uranus and the karmic north node make a rare three-way meetup in Taurus, activating your twelfth house of endings and release. This triggering trio could bring up a lot of old baggage, so keep tabs on your emotions and avoid people who intentionally stir up drama. 

It’s unusual enough for Uranus and the north node to converge (that last happened back in 2007), much less to bring Mars into their union. You could have a powerful spiritual download or a moment when someone you thought you could trust reveals some shocking true colors. One way or another, August begins abruptly and might start with a swift transition that moves your life in a whole new direction. Is travel or a relocation in the cards? The August 11 Aquarius full moon could find you pointing your GPS in an entirely new direction. 


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This month’s biggest headline news (for you) arrives on August 20, when red-hot Mars starts an extended seven-month trip through Gemini that will last until March 25, 2023. Get ready for your sex appeal, charisma and confidence to go off the charts! Mars typically only stays in one sign for six or seven weeks. But thanks to a retrograde later in the fall, you’ll host this dynamic planet five times longer than usual.

Once the Sun shifts into Virgo for a month on August 22, you’ll be ready to unplug—but it might need to be a power nap with Mars fueling up your sign. Virgo rules your domestic fourth house, and this is usually when you’d slip off the grid for a family vacay or hunker down at home base. This year, you’ll be in high demand, so at best you’ll get a “hybrid” getaway. If you’re looking for a new address or considering starting a family, the August 27 Virgo new moon could inspire your first steps. Again, don’t get too settled. Remember to balance these ideas with your own ambitious goals and plans. With Mars in command, those could change by the hour!

Get out and circulate: It’s Leo season until August 22

Spread yourself around, Gemini! The Sun is in Leo until August 22, heating up your third house of communication, local events and ideas. You’re at your vibrant best, bubbling over with interesting conversation topics and witty one-liners. In other words, you’re in the zone! Since Gemini is the natural ruler of the third house, you’ll be holding court everywhere from the dog park to the dry cleaner. 

Since you’re also hungry for inspiration, load up on podcasts, Kindle downloads and stimulating news feeds—then head to some new neighborhood spots to binge while you sip an iced latte and become instant BFFs with the baristas. A typical day in the life of a Gemini? Yes indeed—and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tempers ignite at the August 7 Mars-Saturn square

Don’t take it personally, Gemini! The slightest criticism could set you off today as fiery Mars in your emotional twelfth house clashes with rigid Saturn. It may feel like people are attacking you, but are they really? Take a step back and objectively assess the situation. It’s possible that you’re just letting a bit of constructive feedback throw you off your game. Accept the critique like the pro you are and get to work! Hearing a divergent perspective could actually improve your project once you shake off those feelings. On the flip side, tread lightly if you’re the one working with an overly sensitive type. Dole out your own feedback with kindness. You don’t have to sugarcoat it, but don’t destroy their entire egos either!

Dreams come true at the August 11 Aquarius full moon

Let the visionary ideas flow! You’ll connect ALL the dots starting August 11, when the year’s only Aquarius full moon illuminates your ninth house of travel, adventure and learning. Under these illuminating beams, you can see the whole picture instead of just individual parts of it. With your mind and heart wide open, you become aware of so many possibilities—and your optimism will open many doors for you. 

An entrepreneurial venture could come together, or you may decide to finally take a leap of faith around your dreams. This is a “go big” full moon, so don’t limit your options before you’ve exhaustively explored them all. 

This year’s Aquarius full moon brings a plot twist, though, forming a tense T-square to the Leo Sun and a volatile Mars-Uranus combo in Taurus. You may need to abruptly let go of one option in order to make room for another. If a certain relationship has grown toxic or there’s a distracting influence stopping you from really soaring, you may need to confront that at this full moon—and make some concrete changes.

Hunker down: Virgo season begins August 22

On August 22, you’ll switch from social butterfly to homebody as the Sun enters Virgo and your domestic fourth house for a month. Searching for a new address? For the next four weeks, you might start making changes to your living situation. But with go-getter Mars blazing into Gemini for seven months on August 20, it’s a thin line between “seizing the moment” and being rash. Do your homework, even if it’s at warp speed, before getting into any hard-to-reverse situations. 

By the time the Virgo new moon arrives on August 27, you should have a clear idea of any changes you’d like on the home front, whether that means more relaxation and respect under your roof, a brand-new decor scheme or starting your search for the next Chateau Gemini. Be bold because fortune WILL favor you. But check in with your heart and intuition before taking that leap, okay?

August 24: Uranus turns retrograde in Taurus

Another reason to pump the brakes a bit as August winds down? On August 11, disruptor Uranus will start a five-month retrograde through Taurus and your healing, introspective twelfth house. Between now and January 22, 2023, prepare to take a deep dive into realms of yourself that you may not usually visit—ready or not. 

Uranus is the planet of surprises and sudden events. While it treads backward through this empathic zone, your emotions could swell up before you have a chance to catch or control them. You may feel wildly out of your comfort zone at moments, and learning the art of surrender will be a life-altering lesson.

With Uranus in Taurus until April 2026, this transformation will hardly be an overnight process. But if you’ve been hanging onto resentment, soothing yourself with addictive vices or indulging in any kind of escapism, prepare for a lightning bolt of truth from authentic Uranus. As the planet of liberation, the celestial shock jock makes it his mission to snap you out of denial and put you in touch with your truth. As Uranus swims through your mystical twelfth house, prepare for an interior revolution that could involve a spiritual awakening, an artistic renaissance or an emotional tsunami. Whew!

Enjoy some slow and steady summer loving—or a break from romantic drama—for the first part of the month. Sensual Venus is in Cancer and your sophisticated, sensible second house until August 11, and lusty Mars is traipsing through Taurus, heating up your twelfth house of fantasy and escape until August 20. 

You’ve got an appetite for luxury and pleasurable activities now. And yes, your inner hedonist WILL be in charge of your love life. Just be mindful of overindulging as you could end up spending more than you intended! For couples, this is a sweet time to be more affectionate and present with each other. A low-key getaway to the beach (or somewhere beautiful and outdoorsy) can electrify your connection.

On August 11, Venus will move into Leo, activating your third house of community and communication until September 5. This transit can bring new friends and opportunities for networking. Who knows: One of them could have romantic potential, even when you least expect it! The August 18 Venus-Jupiter trine might reveal a hidden gem in your friend circle. Venus in Leo makes you more sociable and outgoing, and you could have some interesting conversations with the people you meet. Practice your flirting skills or, if you have a partner, remember how much you love talking to each other! 

But the headline news happens when sizzling, sultry Mars blazes into YOUR sign for seven whole months on August 20. As the red planet heats up your confident and assertive first house until March 25, 2023, your sex appeal (and appetite) could go off the charts. You may be attracted to some dynamic but dizzying characters now, or you’ll crave some spicy new boudoir moves. Welcome to your wild side, Gemini! 

Thinking about doing something dramatic to your appearance, like chopping and coloring your hair or getting a bold tattoo? Mars in your sign gives you the urge to stand out. While gutsy moves are applauded, keep in mind that Mars in Gemini can make you impulsive and immediate, not really considering the long-term consequences. Admit it: You do that well enough on your own, Gemini, so try to look before you take that leap!

Conserve your energy a bit for the first three weeks of August, Gemini. Motivator Mars is napping in Taurus and your sleepy twelfth house until August 20. You might feel stressed out about all you have to do but unable to find the mojo to power through it. Be gentle with yourself, ask for support and watch out for guilt trips, which you’ll be oddly susceptible to now. If you’re craving a vacation, this would be the time to take one!

Then, get ready: It’s game on starting August 20. That day, Mars starts an extended seven-month visit to YOUR sign, and you won’t have a minute to rest. Between now and next March you’re on fire: charismatic, popular and highly visible. Mars only visits every two years, and typically for just six or seven weeks. This is like having espresso injected into your veins—you can get SO much done and you’ll have the energy for it! Just be sure to manage stress levels because they can go through the roof now. That aside, set your sights on a big personal passion project and don’t be afraid to ask for whatever you want!

Love Days: 3, 7

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Luck Days: 19, 11

Off Days: 17, 5, 9

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