30 New In Pieces From Emerging Designers

While there’s a time and place for Zara and H&M, today we’re shopping a bit off the beaten path. Emerging and indie brands make up a good chunk of my current wardrobe, and in between my basics, I like to sprinkle in pieces that are a bit more directional and highly specific (like this wonderfully crinkly corset from one of my favorite independent boutiques, Maimoun). There’s also the satisfaction of finding something completely unique that not many other people will have. The bragging rights of being the first to wear something cool is all yours. 

Thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram, discovering new places to shop is as simple as opening an app. Each time I scroll through, I religiously save brands or designers I’m interested in going back and shopping through later. Using my fashion editor research skills, I went through my saves and the web to find 30 of the best new arrivals from brands that aren’t as obvious. There are a few editor-beloved brands like Pixie Market and Source Unknown, and some new designers to add to your Rolodex too. Keep scrolling to shop them all.

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The 13 Best Paddle Brushes for Gorgeous Hair

Now, although paddle brushes are great for pretty much everyone, there are a few things to take note depending on your hair. “Straight, wavy, and loose curl hair types can benefit from a paddle brush for detangling or styling on wet, damp, or dry hair,” explains Mane Addicts Artist Cherilyn Farris.

For curly hair types, StyleSeat Natural Hair Stylist Erinn Courtney says you might not want to use a paddle brush every day in order to preserve the curls. “Ideally, curlier hair textures would benefit from paddle brushes during wash days when applying conditioner as a paddle brush helps the product penetrate the hair shaft,” she adds. You don’t want to use a paddle brush when curly hair is dry.

Take a look at some paddle brush to shop below.

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The 13 Best Color Correctors for Dark Circles, Hands Down

If you’ve ever dealt with dark circles under your eyes, you know the struggle is real. It’s hard to mask the darkness in a way that looks natural and flawless. The trick here, though, is to find the right product—and that’s where color correctors come in.

“When you don’t want to cake on concealer to cover dark circles, color correcting will be your best friend,” explains makeup artist and groomer Janice Kinjo, whose clients include Mindy Kaling, Uzo Aduba, and Gabrielle Union. “It is a way to instantly neutralize discoloration, dark circles, and blemish marks underneath your foundation/concealer.”

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15 Fall Nail Art Designs You Can Actually Do Yourself

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with nail polish. From summer neons and winter metallics to springy pastels and moody autumn hues, there’s no shortage of seasonal inspiration in my personal collection. But while I may fancy myself a connoisseur of lacquers across the color and price spectrums, let’s be honest: I’m no expert. Fortunately, I have a few on speed dial and make a point of connecting with a handful of pros each season to get the details on what’s in, what’s out, and what’s doable at home. 

For fall, I am most curious about nail innovation and design. With this in mind, I sought advice from celebrity manicurist Brittney Boyce, Olive and June nail trend expert Olivia Van Iderstine, and product founders Ann McFerran and Paulina Galoostian for the latest and greatest in fall nail art that amateurs like me can actually do themselves. 

Keep reading for their distinct POVs on fall’s most popular shades, tools, and techniques, and get ready to shop their picks. Trust me—your nails are about to have their most stylish season yet thanks to these fall nail art tips and tricks. 

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Michael B. Jordan Wore Chanel and The Row to the ‘Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’ Premiere

Michael B. Jordan has been on a fashion quest—and while his journey is not quite of the same caliber as, say, traversing Middle Earth to destroy an all-powerful ring, it has yielded some other pretty impressive accessories. Since he began working with stylist Jason Bolden two years ago, MBJ’s gone full-force toward ultra-sleek, classic-leading-man silhouettes, fit with high-waisted trousers, crisp camp shirts, polished overcoats, and loafers and in favor of brands like Burberry, Prada, and Valentino. (Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter earlier this year, Bolden recalled a time when Jordan wanted “to create a look inspired by one that Mr. Sidney Poitier wore and how he made casual dressing so inspiring,” which resulted Jordan hitting Nobu Malibu one day last summer in a Hawaiian Saint Laurent shirt like the one Poitier wore in Lilies of the Field.)

And if you’ve found yourself on a quest for “timeless luxury” in the year 2022, you can only travel so far before you find yourself reaching for the sorts of labels favored by the monied women of the Upper East Side.

On Tuesday night, MBJ graced the red carpet for Amazon’s juggernaut Lord of the Rings prequel series, The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power, in a very svelte Chanel knit vest tucked into a pair of pleated pants from The Row (the Olsens are makers of great menswear), paired with a pair of white penny loafers. While Jordan can pull off a sleeveless vest better than most, it is arguably more impressive that he can swing an outfit that could take him from a Hollywood premiere by night and onto lunch at JG Melon followed by a stroll around Guggenheim the next day.

And maybe he’d hop downtown after—he’s a Bode guy, too.

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Rihanna Just Debuted Fall 2022’s Most Shocking Boot Trend

The F/W 22 runways were stacked with trends, some tame and others a bit more shocking. Of those that fell into the latter category, probably the most controversial were the extra-wide, over-the-knee boots that seemed to appear on every single runway from Bottega Veneta and Chanel to ACNE Studios and Y/Project. Similar in shape to waders—yes, the extra-high boots that you wear when fishing—this season’s OTK boots are far from the styles we’ve seen in the past, which makes it all the more unsurprising that Rihanna was the first celeb to wear them. After all, the Fenty founder has never been one to pick the obvious choice, especially when it comes to fashion.

Over the weekend, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were seen in New York City, where the new mom debuted a pair of thigh-high, wader-like boots from Y/Project’s even newer S/S 23 collection. With them, she added an R13 denim miniskirt, a vintage RZA T-shirt, and a vintage Tom Ford Gucci snakeskin bag, as well as Briony Raymond jewelry and sunglasses by Rick Owens. The look, as is almost always true of anything Rihanna wears, was cool as ever. The boots? A sign that waders have officially walked off the runway and into the real world. 

In time with their arrival, shop a few of our favorite over-the-knee boots below.

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The $30 Pant Trend I Saw All Over Copenhagen Fashion Week

I just got back from Copenhagen Fashion Week’s spring/summer 2023 shows, where I spotted a myriad of different runway and street style trends. But one piece, in particular, seemed to be exceedingly popular: baggy beige trousers. All of the coolest fashion girls seemed to be wearing them, from Vanessa Hong to Ellie Delphine. And here’s the best part: I just found a supremely chic version in H&M’s new arrivals section for just $30. Score.

As the street style pics below illustrate, this trend can be styled in so many different ways. Want to show off a little skin? Pair them with a bra top. Into a more traditional look? Style the pants with a white button-down shirt. Scroll down to shop the trousers du jour and get plenty of outfit inspo with 10 straight-from-fashion-week photos. 

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25 Best Walking Shoes for Men in 2022: Comfortable, Stylish Footwear from New Balance, Nike, Salomon and More

Walking is good for you—like, really good for you—but the best walking shoes for men haven’t exactly always screamed “sex appeal.” Until now. Given the explosion of interest in running’s less strenuous cousin over the past couple years, walking shoes have, ahem, stepped up their game. They’re still packed with all the cushion-heavy outsoles, breathable uppers, and vital arch support you need for a long day on your feet, but now they’ve got the style to match. Some borrow design details from sleek modern runners, some take their cues from retro silhouettes, but all of the ones here will help you get that daily step count in while looking primo with just about anything you’ve got on. Whether you’re heading out for an hours-long stroll or just making a quick trip to the bodega, these are the 25 best walking shoes for men to lace up now.

The Best Hardcore Walking Shoe

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Running Shoe

Hoka One One Bondi 7 sneakers

Hoka’s signature sneaker is beloved by serious walkers and serious aesthetes alike. The most cushioned shoe in the brand’s thick-soled repertoire, the Bondi 7 offers a consistently smooth, luxurious walking experience—no matter the distance involved. Yes, the shoe is engineered with the brand’s standout EVA midsole, breathable mesh uppers, and an ultra-soft memory foam collar specially designed to cradle your heel. But it’s also—dare we say it?—downright sexy, a rarity in a market largely dominated by sneakers that place function high above form.

The Best Dad-Approved Walking Shoe

New Balance M991SKR sneakers

Long before they were fashionable, New Balance had the comfort shoe market cornered. The Boston-based brand has been churning out some of the chunkiest, daddest (in a good way!) sneakers around for over a century, and every shoe in its 990 series has rightfully achieved icon status. Almost any pair of NBs will treat your feet with the dignity they deserve, but this one—handcrafted in England with key hits of pigskin suede and a specialized sole to maximize shock absorption—is particularly suited for long days on the move.

The Best Dressed-Up Walking Shoe

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Suede

Common Projects Track 80 sneakers

Leave it to Common Projects to transform a traditionally bulky, geriatric-leaning silhouette into a minimalist’s dream. The brand’s Track 80 sneaker is inspired by retro runners of yesteryear—the kind of shoes athletes wore to rack up miles in the ‘80s—upgraded with premium leather uppers and hits of supple suede designed to sync up with your business casual best. Rest assured, their hulking soles deliver on what matters most—a comfortable ride you can commute in day in and day out—but if you’re interesting in walking shoes you can toss on with a suit (and not look like Adam Sandler pitching his latest feel-good flick to Netflix) ditch the big-box brands and scoop these.

The Best Outdoors-Ready Walking Shoe

Salomon XT-4 advanced sneakers

A surprise fashion-crowd favorite, the Salomon XT-4 is the rare mountaineering shoe with plenty of city-ready appeal. It’s packed with uber-functional tech—bungee-style lace-up closures, a heavily-padded collar, treaded rubber outsoles—to help you dominate the trails, but will look just as at home anchoring a pair of wide-legged cords.

The Best Fully Freaked Walking Shoe

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Shoe, Footwear, Running Shoe, and Sneaker

Balenciaga Runner sneakers

When Balenciaga dropped the Runner last year it quickly elicited snickers online for its uncanny resemblance to the Asics Gel-Kayano 5, a certified aughts banger that retails for a little over 100 bucks. But anyone upset about the similarities was missing the point. Balenciaga doesn’t try to hide its references. It embraces them—openly and without qualification. In Demna’s hands, imitation really is the sincererest form of flattery. Lovingly plucking a cult-y—but not, y’know, especially cool—running shoe off the feet of the carb-loading set and selling it back to the no-carb crowd at a sky-high premium? It’s fashion, darling. Or at least funny. (That, and they are really comfortable.) Wearing them means you’ll probably have to deal with a few incredulous comments and a guffaw or two, but all that fuss should only steel your resolve: plant your tongue firmly in your cheek and power on.

The Best Walking Shoe of the Moment

Asics Gel Kayano 14 sneakers

We already told you that early-aughts running shoes were going to dominate the 2020s sneaker circuit, but now the trend has kicked into overdrive. The Gel-Kayano 14—the silhouette du jour for some of the most discerning collaborators in the game—has all the paneling and mesh-y bits you’d expect to see on a style that debuted when the OC was the biggest show on TV. Asics’ signature running shoe has made major fashion strides in the last 20 years, which explains why a sneaker you’d otherwise wear to train for a marathon suddenly looks eerily well-suited to walking off a heavy brunch.

19 More Walking Shoes We Love

Veja “Venturi” oversized runner sneakers

The next time you find yourself marveling at Mother Nature’s beauty, help keep her looking that way by lacing up a pair of sneakers crafted entirely from recycled materials.

Gucci “Rython” distressed leather sneakers

Granddad’s old beaters, but make ’em fashion.

Reebok Classic nylon sneakers

Wear them just like they were intended to be worn in ’91—with mesh shorts on the elliptical, or with your best pair of stonewashed jeans everywhere else.

ROA “Minaar” sneakers

When the trails get serious, you’re gonna wanna strap in to something with some diesel treads.

Nike ACG Lowcate shoes

Grippy outsoles that’ll prevent you from blowing an ACL on a rainy day, eye-grabbing design that’ll prevent your everyday fits from blending in with the crowd.

Adidas “Ozelia” shoes

Love the look of the Wave Runners but don’t wanna wake up for a drop at the crack of dawn? These offer similar retro-futuristic vibes—and hefty cushioning—and can be yours in two days. (Probably best not to tell Ye, though.)

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Running Shoe

The North Face Vectiv “Taraval” sneakers

Because you and your feet should be having a big, earthy summer.

Karhu Fusion 2.0 sneakers

Karhu is like the European New Balance. The Finnish brand has been churning out quintessential outdoors-y kicks for over 100 years, but it remains a sleeper pick for those looking for a quality alternative to the Boston label’s retro runners. The Fusion 2.0 comes in roughly a billion different colorways, each ready to contrast (or complement) whatever mood you’re in.
Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, Running Shoe, and Sneaker

New Balance 2002r sneakers

The shoe to buy when 990s won’t cut it.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, and Apparel

Nike “Be-Do-Win” SP shoes

Who says fitness can’t be freaky?

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, Running Shoe, and Sneaker
Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Running Shoe

Nike Free Terra Vista sneakers

A nice, leisurely stroll is no match for a shoe designed with off-road running in mind.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, Running Shoe, and Sneaker

Adidas x Craig Green “Scuba” sneakers

Take it from British wunderkind Craig Green: the coolest sneakers on the market right now look positively amphibious.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Running Shoe

Brooks Addiction Walker 2 sneakers

OG geriatric kicks you should steal from your grandpa’s closet.
Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, Running Shoe, and Sneaker

Adidas Terrex Voyager 21 travel shoes

First class shoes on an economy budget.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, Running Shoe, and Sneaker

Norda 001 G+ Spike shoes

Ridiculously durable, trail-ready kicks from an upstart Canadian brand you should keep on your radar.

Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Running Shoe

Merrell Moab speed eco dye shoes

Merrells: they’re (actually) cool now!
Image may contain: Clothing, Shoe, Footwear, Apparel, and Sneaker

Everlane The Trainer shoes

About as streamlined as a dad shoe can get without compromising on its glorious dadliness.

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Jennifer Lopez Wore the Prettiest Shoe Trend of 2022

When it comes to an eye-catching shoe trend, Jennifer Lopez isn’t one to shy away. This observation was confirmed a few days ago in New York when Lopez wore the least low-key, but also prettiest, shoe trend of the year: crystal-embellished. Specifically, Lopez’s shoes are a new bedazzled version of Valentino’s viral Tan-Go platform heels, which she paired with an equally pretty lace Gucci dress and a Valentino mini bag.

In general, crystal-embellished shoes have been quite a trend this year, with Amina Muaddi and Mach & Mach really leading the charge. Now, you can find pretty crystal shoes via designer brands for over $1k to affordable brands for under $100. When you’re J.Lo, you’re probably going to go for the designer ones, hence the stunning Valentino pair on her feet.

In case you’re a magpie like Lopez is, scroll on to shop a few of our favorite crystal shoes at the moment.

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3 Summer-Ready Outfits From AG

When it comes to summer dressing, digital creator and fashion enthusiast Jourdan Sloane knows a thing or two. Just peek at her IG, and you’ll find a slew of genius outfits that give off that effortlessly cool vibe that I strive for on the daily. And recently, I got the low-down from Sloane herself on the wardrobe staples she’s been eyeing to complete her perfect summer ‘fits. While some fashion people are splashing color in their wardrobes left and right, Sloane admits that she’s been leaning more toward neutral staples. “They’re so versatile,” she tells me. “Colors go through trending seasons, so I always keep my neutrals on hand.”

Sloane found all the chicest options for summer and beyond at none other than AG. The site is overflowing with easy-to-wear pieces like straight-leg jeans, classic ribbed tanks, and easy-to-style slip dresses. And naturally, Sloane made me want them all. Keep scrolling to see three looks she put together with the brand’s latest arrivals.

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