Carolina Herrera Good Girl Fragrance Review

It should come as no surprise that the editors at Who What Wear love a fragrance moment. Some of us have been lifelong fans. Some of us were late to the party. And some of us (myself included!) have never been able to nail down a signature scent. Finding a fragrance that speaks to all sides of my personality is stressful enough. But asking me to commit to wearing it every single day? That’s a meltdown I’m not willing to have.

That’s probably why I feel so connected to Carolina Herrera, a brand that makes fragrances with a unique blend of notes, all of which seem like total opposites on paper, but in reality, they create a perfectly balanced mixture that speaks to all sides of my personality. For example, the original Good Girl Eau de Parfum ($103) combines tuberose and cocoa and smells sultry, warm, and spicy while Very Good Girl Eau de Parfum ($112) uses a mix of rose and vetiver, which is fruity, playful, and even sexy. We need more scents that celebrate everyone’s unique facets, but for now, my lovely co-workers and I are dishing on what we love most about these two special scents from Carolina Herrera.

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