Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 22 – 2 8, 2022

Itchy feet? You might contract an acute case of wanderlust this Monday, August 22, when the intrepid Sun blazes into Virgo and your ninth house of travel, adventure and anything with the potential to expand your knowledge base. This transit lasts four weeks, but if you’re truly aching for a change of scenery, carve out time to research and make some calls or write some emails this week. Under the spell of this solar-powered siren song, anything new or novel is sure to get your juices flowing. Try to get away—or least book tickets—before el Sol relocates to your career corner and you revert back to familiar old Capricorn workaholic mode. These urges may get supercharged on Saturday, when the annual Virgo new moon intensifies the longing. What are you dreaming of: a bucket-list destination, reconnecting with an old friend, a romantic retreat with bae? Even if you go solo, you may be “forced” to be more outgoing, social and self-reliant. Plus, you’ll meet people you’d never get to know otherwise. Being held hostage by deadlines? Get creative! You can still widen your horizons by taking an exciting webinar or workshop—or maybe writing and offering one of your own!

On Wednesday, your attention gets redirected to more creative—and romantic!—activities as cosmic alchemist Uranus pivots into reverse in Taurus and your fifth house of passion and innovation until January 22, 2023. It can be hard to see objectively what signals we’re sending out into the world, and in the digital age, when people see our virtual image but not our authentic selves, it’s essential to have a clear and focused message. Regardless of whether you work for yourself or the metaphoric man, this is a perfect five-month stretch to review, tweak and upgrade the Capricorn brand. And please, Sea Goat, as talented and multidimensional as you are, don’t try to do it all by yourself! Target a few industry insiders you respect and ask if they’d be willing to give you feedback. Even if you wind up paying them or other pros, their well-informed advice will be worth the investment. If you’re an artist or performer, how can you gain wider exposure? Think open mic nights, talent shows, group events and brainstorming with local business owners about ways to mutually support each other. Note: With the unpredictable planet gone maverick, you could butt up against some strong, oppositional personalities. Could that be a nudge from the universe to retreat a little and recharge your creative batteries?

Hopefully you’ll find meaningful distraction early in the week because, starting this Thursday, mental Mercury zings into your professional tenth house, where it’ll activate your ambitious nature (on and off) until October 29. Goals? Yeah, you’ve got a few. But your industrious sign knows you can’t accomplish everything at once—and some major projects will require sustained effort. The point? Take breaks, Cap! Every conversation and get-together doesn’t have to double as a networking session. Enjoy the companionship of people you like being around—and if they want to talk about their kids or home renovation, go with it! There will be plenty of chances to talk shop during this extra-long Mercury cycle (the result of a three-week retrograde in the middle). Even as you’re being focused in the present, you can (and knowing you, WILL) be strategic about your socializing.


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