Cancer Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 29 – September 4, 2022

The struggle is real, Cancer, but what if it isn’t actually…necessary? We know that can be hard for your worrisome sign to buy into. Sometimes, you even trust things more if they come via the school of hard knocks! But see if you can’t set that belief aside, just for this week. Because this Thursday, September 1, make-it-happen Mars in your spiritually guided twelfth house is getting juice from lucky Jupiter in your goal-getting tenth. Not only should you use every “woo” tool in your arsenal—vision boards, singing bowls, angel cards—but you should let anyone and everyone who can help you manifest your dreams know what support you need. Help is all around you, Cancer—and from people whose names carry some heft. Reach up to people with expertise and see what doors they might open. Pros before bros!

As the workweek wraps, don’t let sentimentality sweep you off track from achieving your major goals. On Friday, messenger Mercury in Libra and your sensitivity zone locks horns with Jupiter who is powering up your success sector in Aries. There are plenty of legitimate complaints swirling, but if you put the focus there, the ship will sink. Pop on that captain’s hat and steer your squad back onto a purposeful path! Remind everyone of the grand mission—especially if emotions are starting to overtake common sense. What starts as a venting session could spiral into a complete derailment of a Mission: Critical. While it’s important that people’s voices be heard, move the conversation in a constructive direction instead of letting it turn into a giant bitchfest.

This Saturday, an activating quarter moon in sporty Sagittarius might inspire you to hop on your Peloton, unroll your yoga mat or just reacquaint yourself with local bike trails. The point is simply to get regular movement into your life, which is good for pretty much everything, from the physical to the psychological to the spiritual. Of course, to your home-loving, comfort-seeking sign, this can be a rude departure from your cozy luxuriating. You don’t have to dive into the deep end. Lean in to the balancing energy of this lunar lift then slowly work up your speed. On a related note, have a good look at the food you’re fueling yourself with. It’s easy to discount those mid-afternoon snacks and high-calorie caffeine drinks. Be proactive and keep nuts and protein bars in your purse or at your desk. And when you feel your blood sugar dip, reach for that or something with a slower “burn.” Once you get used to it, you may even lose (some of) your taste for refined sugar.


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