Aries Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF August 29 – September 4, 2022

Got a short-term goal to pull off? This is the week to give it your all, so shuffle your schedule as best you can to prioritize it. On Thursday, September 1 your ruler, make-it-happen Mars, fistbumps high-flying Jupiter in Aries and your first house of initiatives. While you have a personal stake in getting this task to the finish line, the good news is, you don’t have to plow through the mission alone. Mars is on a seven-month cruise through Gemini and your cooperative third house, bringing allies out of the woodwork. Keep your radar on for helpful people to support this final push. For example, having a second pair of eyes to review your documents can save you hours of time!

When it comes to your romantic choices, you may want to update your privacy policy this Friday. Gossipmonger Mercury in your relationship house faces off with unfiltered Jupiter in your sign, making you prone to TMI. While you prefer authenticity and the freedom of NOT keeping secrets, put a kibosh on complaining about your dating life or S.O. or constantly trolling your squad for advice. Your loyal inner circle will always have your back, but they’ll never be able to completely determine the correct answer for you. Plus, your venting can spin them into a worried frenzy! If you have an issue to iron out with someone you love—romantically or otherwise—take it up with them directly near Friday. You’ll be amazed at how productive your discussions can be!

Have you been juggling a dozen balls at a time or bouncing from one wild extreme to another? (In other words, are you an Aries?) If you could use some grounding energy, Saturday’s balancing quarter moon in your wide-angle ninth house can help you take in a much larger picture. Simply remembering that you have more options—and more time!—can alleviate some of the pressure. But la luna’s fiery energy is encouraging you to take concrete action. Make a list of everything that has to get done—now and eventually—and then arrange your list according to due date. If it’s a new business, research all the legal as well as financial stepping stones and find people who can advise with anything that’s outside your wheelhouse. Make sure you’re protecting your intellectual property from the get-go! The ninth house activates all pursuits related to entrepreneurship, travel, adventure, education and the media. Where does your greatest desire lay? Even if you’re not ready to go or do, you can still start planning. Of course, this lunation’s ultimate message is balance. So whatever you’ve been doing too much of, do less of. And wherever you need a fire lit under you, find a way to self-ignite it!


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