9 Perfect Summer-to-Fall Outfits We’re Re-Creating ASAP

Sorry to all my summer fanatics out there, but this editor lives for one season and one season only: autumn. The leather jackets, the layering, the neutral palette—I can’t get enough of fall style. However, I might be getting ahead of myself on dressing for my favorite time of year because, much to my dismay, my weather app won’t be budging below 70° for the foreseeable future. Emotionally, I may be ready to start dressing like it’s fall outside, but the reality is that summer’s hot and humid weather seems to be dragging on endlessly.

To bridge the gap, I’ve sourced nine summer-to-fall outfits that satisfy both my sartorial cravings and the reality at hand. I may still have to wait for another month to break out the leather jackets and sweaters, but for now, I’m looking to a few smart styling ideas like miniskirts, tall boots, bra tops, and blazers to bide my time. If you’re ready to join me and hit play on fall fashion while it’s still hot out, look no further than the below nine transitional ensembles.

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