7 Simple Fall Outfits With a Hint of Trendiness

As much as I love to research and discuss what’s currently trending fashion-wise, 90% of the time you’ll actually see me wearing outfits that are on the simpler end of the style spectrum. I’ll always indulge in a trend or two, but no matter what new silhouette I’m trying out, I tend to feel like myself best in ensembles that are more pared-back. With my fall wardrobe on the brain, I’ve been seeking out practical styling inspiration for the season ahead and I think I’ve landed on just the looks to re-create.

The below seven outfits are the kind of easy and effortless ones that still have a little something extra to them. Whether it’s a maxi skirt with simple flats, low-slung jeans with black ankle boots or a leather bomber jacket with a plain white tee, these styling ideas make fall’s trending fashion items seem refreshingly approachable. Keep reading to see (and shop) these simple trendy fall outfits.

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