6 Purchases That Are London Girl Approved

Two polar opposite experiences occurred during my trip to London. At one point in my trip, I was dressed to my nines causing heads to turn and people to ask me what I got all dressed up for. At another, I attempted to head to a restaurant only to be denied entry for my footwear of choice. Since I had been exploring the city all day, I was wearing sneakers. A finger pointed at the “trainers” I wore with a look of disgust claiming that I could not enter the building wearing them. My two contrasting experiences prove my point that the people of London are neither too dressed up nor too casual. They’ve found the perfect in-between.

While American girls might gravitate towards sneakers for a day spent on their feet, London girls are more likely to be found in ballet flats and loafers. Hoodies are replaced by cashmere and the list goes on. I took quite a bit of inspiration from London girls on my trip to the UK and am walking away with a brand new shopping list of items I’d like to acquire to steal their look. Keep scrolling to find out what made the cut.

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