5 Fall Trends That A Fashion Editor Is Leaving Behind

It’s completely normal to wait until January to take a deep organizational dive into your closet, but once you’re a fashion editor doing so quarterly becomes almost a necessity. Until a few weeks ago my closet was bursting at the seams with new additions including trends on the rise and staples I’ve been wanting to add, that thorough a purging session was imperative. And with that, a whole lot of pieces made their prompt exit just ahead of fall.

The bulk of the items on the chopping block were things that I’ve had for years or trends that have overstayed their welcome and felt pretty obsolete. I’m not one to immediately cycle through trends when it comes to my personal style, but there are definitely trends that I’ve put on ice and haven’t really worn in a minute. While it was sad to see them go, bidding them farwell for more exciting pieces that will actually get more use made complete sense. To see which trends I put in the donation bin and the trends I’m favoring instead, keep scrolling. 

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