30 Affordable New Finds That I Predict Will Sell Out ASAP

As much as I’d like to envision an endless budget for myself, sometimes reality hits hard. With travel being such a big priority in my spending at this time, I’ve set myself on a budget for this month’s wardrobe transition. As I prepare for fall, I’m allowing myself a $250 shopping spree. You might think that could be quite a conservative number, especially since I’m a fashion editor and am always wearing something that feels fresh and fun, but you’re wrong. That price point can get you very far if you’re a savvy shopper like me. 

I headed to my favorite retailers to see exactly what I could get for this price point. Whether I decide to splurge on one $250 item or spread the wealth amongst pieces on their site is still up for debate. Below, you’ll find the 30 pieces I’m considering in my limited shopping spree. Enjoy.

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