28 of the Best New Abercrombie Items

Believe it or not, Abercrombie is in the midst of a major comeback and we are all in. Surely there were savvy shoppers aware of the shockingly good product assortment before this niche cultural moment, but it was this viral TikTok dress that reintroduced me to the nostalgic mall brand I once knew. Naturally, I brought it up to my stylish aunt (because we always talk fashion) and we ended up sitting down together at the computer browsing through the product. Shockingly, we each ended up buying the same items, despite our age and style differences.

If you would have asked us months ago if we would be shopping at Abercrombie this year, we would have been confused, but now, we’re major fans of the brand. Ahead, shop the 29 new items we are loving now. From versatile dresses to must-have staples, the pieces below are not only affordable but are also so chic. 

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