24 Fall Nail Colors That Will Be Huge in 2022

Don’t get us wrong—we’ll protect (and continue to wear) our collection of signature fall nail colors for the rest of our days. Brooding cult-classic shades of burgundy, purple, red, navy, brown, and rich emerald never go out of style and meld nicely with plummeting temperatures and our re-emerging sweater collection. But, in all honesty, said fall nail colors are 150% predictable. With all of our favorite nail polish brands debuting crisp new colors and collections for the fall season, why not expand our fingertips’ (or toes’!) color horizons?

We’ve surveyed the newest, most exciting nail colors and trends for fall, and ahead, we’re highlighting 15 less-predictable shades we suggest putting on your looming fall beauty roster. From less-expected neutrals to less-expected flamboyant colors, we can’t wait to lacquer up our nails with some help from these chic, warm-and-fuzzy nail shades. Keep scrolling!

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