14 Best Bubble Baths That Will Soothe Your Skin

Baths can be a divisive topic. Some people swear by them and others swear off them. For me, I used to be in the latter camp. I didn’t love that my fingers would get so pruny and I found the whole process all a bit boring. But then I realized that a bath every now and then can be the ultimate form of self-care—and I learned that by setting the right scene (candles, music, maybe a glass of wine), it could actually be a great experience, pruny fingers be damned.

And if you play your cards right, a bubble bath can not only be a calming and cleansing experience, but it can also treat your skin to some TLC. It just depends on the type of bubble bath you choose. You see, there are some formulas out there that provide a whole host of skincare solutions, from hydrating the skin to detoxifying it. And who doesn’t love to multitask, especially when you’re sitting in a tub, chilling out?

Below, you’ll find some bubble bath products that have skincare benefits, too. Check them out and zone out.

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