13 Best Skincare Mini Fridges 2022

What is the benefit of using a skincare fridge?

Applying cold skin care products not only feels good, they also temporarily tone the skin. Aguilera says applying a chilled face cream, eye cream and face mask constricts blood vessels, reduces redness and helps temporarily tighten pores. “Cold also has a draining, decongesting, soothing and firming effect on the skin,” she shares. The cold sensation is picked up by receptors in the skin, causing a chill “goosebump-like” phenomenon, which stimulates the nerve cells in the skin and has a tightening effect on the epidermis that makes skin look tighter and pores smaller.

What temperature does a skincare fridge need to be?

While it ultimately depends on the products you’re placing in your skincare fridge, keeping the temperature between 45 and 50 degrees is ideal.

What products should you put in one?

Water-based serums, toners, gels, vitamin c serums, sheet masks, eye creams, moisturizers, and retinol do best in a skincare fridge. Aguilar says these skincare products are found to show many benefits when exposed to cold temperatures. “Eye creams are especially best kept in the refrigerator,” she shares. Applying cold eye creams can help decrease puffiness, temporarily tighten the skin around the eye and make the eye look more awake and revitalized.

Aguilar adds that a beauty refrigerator is not limited to skincare products. Facial tools made of stone like rollers or cryo sticks are also best kept in the refrigerator.

What should you avoid doing with a skincare fridge?

When it comes to a skincare refrigerator, don’t assume that it will extend the product’s shelf life. It’s important to stick to the shelf life listed on the product. Also, you need to know that not every skincare product can be refrigerated. Clay masks and products that contain oil can form crystals and start to solidify when subjected to cold temperatures.

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